The GP+ Season Preview is ready…

The GrandPrix+ season preview is now ready for subscribers to download. If you’re not a subscriber you can sign up for the oldest and still the fastest F1 e-magazine, now in its 15th year of publication. It’s always been a bargain and that hasn’t changed. This year you will get at least 25 magazines (depending on the number of races). And it will cost you only £39.99, or £1.60 an issue. And you can keep all the magazines in your own devices, so you can read them whenever you like.

GP+ has been present at every race for its entire existence, even during the pandemic, and we will be aiming to do the same in 2021.

In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with the new F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. We look at F1’s finances after the difficult COVID-19 season. Nikita Mazepin is someone everyone is talking about. We ask about his ability to drive racing cars. We look at a new generation of Danish drivers. We remember (with fondness) Murray Walker and Thrust 2 designer John Ackroyd. And we try to make some predictions about the year ahead.

If you don’t have a GP+ subscription, you should give it a try. To sign up, go to

15 thoughts on “The GP+ Season Preview is ready…

  1. …and some commentators wonder why you don’t appear every day! What a feast of a preview – so much to read, so much to have compiled and so up to date!

  2. Were there any other finalists in the 2020 Media Attendance Cup, journalists who made it to every race like you did? It’s not looking good I’m afraid for Montreal, the Canadian Government still has our borders locked up tighter than a drum and Quebec COVID numbers are not great…….I’m sure Matthew has his ear to the ground and keeps you in the loop ;-).

    1. Four made it to all races. All British. Phil Duncan (PA), Jon McEvoy (Mail), Adam Cooper (Motorsport network) and me.

    1. I know it’s probably not sexy enough for them, but I’d love to see Netflix do a Drive to Survive episode about all the people behind the scenes- the journalists, the cameramen, the truckies, the stewards and marshals.

      Joe, I get you could tell some tales!

  3. Last year, I remember you wrote that main issue was lack of access to the paddock for written press. Have you considered joining a tv crew as a pundit, commentator or producer just so you could have access to the paddock?

  4. While the content is as always excellent, I am wondering if in the flipbook version some unusual text encoding was used since it appears peppered with Theta symbols which sometimes substitute for the letter combination “ti” and sometimes for “fer”. while a capital “O” but with umlaut appears instead of “ft” a “sum of” instead of “tt”
    Perhaps it is a secret message for Greek fans.
    The pdf version appears to be ok.

  5. Further to mine above, I have checked the page source code and see it is using the normal UTF-8 and the text source is the online pdf file (which is fine as downloaded) so there is no explanation. Maybe it is Mr Mozilla and his updates!

  6. Hi Joe, maybe I have an idea for an article, interviewing the rulemakers.

    You always see ‘rules by proxy’. Like all the rules around aerodynamics and the only thing that happens is teams find ways to get around them, or generate downforce in other ways.

    Why don’t they just say ‘the car can generate 200 kg of downforce at 200km/h and 400 kg at 300 km/h’. Sensors could easily detect that.

    Don’t know. It just seems stupid to have tens of pages of rules about where and where not you can have stuff and how long or big it can be. Just say ‘here’s the cap, stay below it’. They did it with the fuel flow and I had good hopes they’d realise it could be a good thing.

  7. Great issue, glad to have them back in the reading que. Great to see Doodson back even though the reason sucked. Hopefully he will have a few more appearances in GP+ during the oncoming season. I quite enjoy his insights and reminisces. Safe travels for the soon to start races.

  8. Thank you, Joe, for all of your hard work and perseverance last year and I wish you well for the new season, travel well and stay well.
    I hope that Domenicali and Brawn between them will make your life a bit more straightforward. It is important that the fans, your principal audience, have the best information. Perhaps a golden pass for the 4 of you that managed to attend all races as per Murray.

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