5 thoughts on “The new GP+ magazine is ready

  1. Thank you Joe, much appreciated and another great race.

    I have to ask, was there many changes for written journalists with regard to F1 Paddock access?

  2. Hi Joe,
    Subscribed a few weeks ago but no email or logins?
    I checked my junk and. nothing received.
    Can I get you to look into it for me?
    Keen to read your write up! Thanks

  3. It seemed like a race of reactions by others to undercut and Tin Can were behind on each stop. Verstappen clawed back circa 12 seconds lost on strategy but sadly at the first race since the sport lost Murray Walker, one of his Murrayisms, “catching is one thing passing is another” proved so apt.

    I am not a LH cheerleader but you have to admire that when MV had his only chance, LH’s car placement was inch (25mm in the EU) perfect and MV was either going to have to tighten his line and possibly lose speed or exceed track limits.

    But the biggest positive was seeing the Tin Can and Tyrrell are very closely matched and should ebb and flow between then all season, but LH got 7 points more than I think even he expected at lights out.

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