Stoker names Tom K

Graham Stoker has announced his candidacy to be the next FIA President. The current Deputy President (Sport) has named nine-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen – the most successful racing driver in sports car history – as his candidate for Deputy President Sport; Belgium’s Thierry Willemarck to continue as Deputy President for Mobility; and New Zealand’s Brian Gibbons to continue as President of the FIA Senate.

It’s clearly a bid which will maintain stability in the organisation and will, more than likely, continue the current activities and strategies, rather than trying to make big changes. This probably gives the campaign the edge over challenger Mohammed bin Sulayem. Jean Todt’s organisation may not be 100 perfect but it has run the federation with little real controversy, which is ultimately what a federation should do. Previous Presidents were more controversial figures, often with very different motivations.

Stoker is a figure who has worked quietly with Todt for many years and is likely to garner strong support from the clubs. The election is in December.

3 thoughts on “Stoker names Tom K

  1. Joe, will the fact that Graham is British count against him with European clubs? There (understandably) seems to be a lot of anti-British sentiment in Europe at present, following Brexit. It would be sad if this was the case, as Graham, with his legal background, as a barrister and extensive motorsport knowledge and experience, is the ideal candidate for FIA president.

  2. Sometimes candidates who don’t have an agenda fall prey to third parties who do, for better or worse.
    I wonder who has the backing of Ferrari….

  3. Also Tom Kristensen has been President of the The FIA Drivers’ Commission for the last 5 years.

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