Roberts leaves Williams

Williams Racing team principal, Simon Roberts, will leave the team after only a year. This is no great surprise as his role has been considerably reduced with the recruitment of Jost Capito as CEO and FX Demaison as techncial director. It was seen as only a matter of time before Roberts moved on and there is not likely to be a shortage of offers for the ex-McLaren man. The Team Principal responsibilities will be taken over by Capito.

“Simon has played an integral role in managing the transition over the last 12 months and I would like to thank him for his great contribution during that time,” Capito said.

Roberts said that he wishes the team well in the future and is looking forward to moving on to a new challenge.

10 thoughts on “Roberts leaves Williams

  1. I was wondering if the “with immediate effect” implied that Simon has another job lined up and had resigned. His rapid departure under those circumstances would be expected, although probably accompanied by some mention of gardening leave.

    Have there been any rumours on that front, Joe ?

  2. The mystery is why Williams is still so slow – with new money, the Mercedes engine and Russell.

    When Russell was in Hamilton’s car, he was at the front – so the difference is purely down to Williams internally.

    1. They had a slow car last year. With basically the same car this year, why would you expect them to have improved significantly compared to the opposition ?

      1. Like Haas, Willians have effectively accepted they will finish last or second last in the Constructors Championship and almost all their efforts are going into the new car for next year. New year, new rules, new car. And it looks like at least one new driver.

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