A big calendar revamp coming?

The calendar at the end of the F1 season is still to be finalised, but there is an interesting announcement coming out of Texas in the recent hours with the confirmation that the Rolling Stones will be playing at the Circuit of the Americas on November 20, the weekend that was going to host the Australian Grand Prix.

At the moment the United States Grand Prix is scheduled for October 24, but there has been talk of the date being moved and of a second race being added. COTA boss Bobby Epstein told me a while ago that he had a big music act booked but could not announce it until the details were finalised with the band.

Could it be that Brazil will move forward and be twinned with Mexico (to get around the red zone status in the UK – the home of most of the F1 teams) and that Austin would be pushed back to November 21. One can imagine that Brazil would move forward to October 24, going back-to-back with Mexico (on October 31), which would solve the red zone problem, and then a two-week break before a race in Austin on November 14, followed by a second on November 21, with The Stones playing on the Saturday evening. This would also allow for two different kinds of race weekend at COTA, with the normal format one weekend and the Sprint format on the second.

It could just be that there is a stand-alone Rolling Stones concert, but the twin races would greatly help F1 in its efforts to grow the sport in the United States, which is what F1 wants to do, more than anything.

It’s not definite but this scenario makes a lot of sense.

35 thoughts on “A big calendar revamp coming?

  1. Jack Fallan – poor man. Do you get much abuse? Is that typical? If so, why put yourself through it? remove the opportunity for feedback.
    P.S. I recognise the irony in this comment.

    1. There are always a few people who cannot express themselves in a civilised way. But few are this extreme. I’ve had worse than this…

      1. Presumably, the Olympics goes well, F1 goes. Olympics goes badly, F1 doesn’t?

        It’s interesting that the infections are starting to drop off here, despite the sporting events and opening up, though with the lag time it may just be Wembley that is fully out of the woods on that one.

  2. Given the Covid situation in Brazil and Mexico surely it would be easier to miss them entirely and find somewhere for a double header in Europe in October with COTA in November.

  3. USA, USA! USA!! Sorry, in the spirit of the olympics a bit of nationalism sneaked out.

    Two races back to back at COTA would be awesome. Tie in a Stone’s concert as well, and I’m looking for tickets airfare and lodging!

    1. @GeorgeK
      Rolling Stones are in their late eighties, they won’t notice if a motor race were going on at the same time…

      1. @ Al Bryn
        As a 73 year old I’ve been a fan forever. I doubt Mick will present his historical stage flamboyance, maybe in limited bursts, Charlie looked like he was embalmed 20 years ago, and Keith keeps toking and stroking that guitar. God bless ‘em all.
        @ Joe, thanks for the age posting.

  4. Remember 2013 when the race was held in late November. Sun rise is after 7AM and sundown is 5:00pm. Very short day and very cold in the AM.

  5. The one huge problem with that is the original COTA date is sold out. Which means a lot, A LOT, of people have already made their travel plans — airline tickets purchased, hotel rooms, vacation dates with their employees, etc. That’s asking a lot of fans to be forced to change all that.

  6. Changing the calendar as demonstrated indeed makes sense but it is simply kicking the can down the road as Abu Dhabi, the season finale, is still (currently) on the UK government’s red list.

  7. They usually have a major act included with the weekend F1 ticket, Elton John was the act one year. Last time I attended a Rolling Stones concert it cost more than a F1 ticket so not sure on the economics of it should it happen.

    1. Singapore manages two-three big-name artists plus a half-dozen descent – access to them all included with all tickets, starting at around $150 for the weekend.

  8. Interesting possibility Joe.
    However I reckon it’s more likely of a couple of Iberian (Jerez/Aragon/Estoril) or Middle Eastern (Dubai/Qatar/2nd Saudi or Yas Marina) rounds to replace BRA & MEX…

  9. Could be shrewd move from the Rolling Stones’ management… using F1’s popularity in the USA to boost the band’s reputation

  10. I wouldn’t hold my breath. It is apparently a reschedule from an event originally planned in May. So not a new event.
    And when I read the information on the COTA side, it says nothing about being part of another event.

  11. Its an interesting speculation but I cannot fathom a scenario where the scheduled race gets moved. It sold out in hours, youd “kill the territory” here as they say if you screw that many people over.

    But whats stopping F1 from coming back to Austin 4 weeks later for a second race? Austin -> Mexico -> Brazil – > Austin before heading back to Europe/Middle East?

      1. What about the US Government? Its a free for all as far as Covid restrictions go, but arent any issues the authorities would have, something that could be negotiated?

        1. You are obviously not someone trying to get into the US. Have you even heard of a National Interest Exemption? Look it up…

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