Dutch doubts

The Dutch government has decided to ban large-scale festivals in August because of an increase in case numbers a result of the COVID pandemic and specifically of the Delta variant, which is causing trouble across much of Europe. The government says a decision about the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort, scheduled for September, will be made on August 13. If the track is not allowed a full crowd the race will be cancelled as it cannot have a financially viable event.

24 thoughts on “Dutch doubts

  1. I despair, people wont accept that there is an invisible virus floating in the air around infected people who may have no symptoms, every attempt to get back to normal early just ensures more and longer lockdowns. We have internet communications that mean we don’t have to leave home to watch an event or even have face to face conversations with friends and family it is a small sacrifice to save lives. If the whole world could stay at home for a month the virus would die out, but if we keep on allowing millions of people to host the virus we risk a vaccine resistant strain developing which will totally destroy all business’s that bring crowds of people together.

    1. If the ‘whole world’ stayed home for a home, how would we get food to eat without the supermarket & delivery people going out to work? How would your electricity grid survive without people in the power stations to keep them going? How would our sick relatives in hospital be cared for?
      You seem to have a very naive view of how the world operates for your benefit.

      1. But unfortunately, no crowds = no money = no hosting races. While some Circuits may be better prepared and placed than others, let us remember the almost uncountable times that Silverstone has been on the verge of bankruptcy. Many thousands of UK businesses have folded and I doubt the limited tv and advertising revenue will keep Liberty F1 solvent for too much longer. All credit to Stefano for his ingenuity and efforts so far.

    2. we stayed at home for 9 months, how did that work out? why not lower the speed limit to 10 mph? that would save millions of lives. ban alcohol, that would save millions of lives.

  2. I see many tickets are already sold out for this race. Any idea how much it costs to host a GP Joe especially as this race was already postponed from last year when the FIA weren’t charging if I recall?

    Also bearing in mind that this is one of the main championship contenders home race would Red Bull consider footing the bill?

  3. I don’t see a cancellation happen. Didn’t they have a 2+1 year contract? By cancelling the show this year (as well as last year), the most probable outcome will be that there will be no Dutch GP at all, also not in the years to follow…

  4. I see that Mr Horner’s persistent moaning has produced an effect, without it going to court. A remote view meeting with the stewards to take place on Thursday afternoon. To re-consider the clash of the titans at Silverstone. A dangerous ploy.

    1. It is unlikely to amount to a hill of beans. The stewards are not going to change their minds…

      1. Is there likely to be any push back on lobbying from the pit wall addition to Michael Masi’s comments re not visiting the stewards uninvited? It would be nice if Formula 1 kept away from the football world of playing to the referee, and the crowd for that matter. Asking Michael to request the stewards look into an incident is fine, multiple communications from at least two team members attempting to steer the narrative is perhaps less so?

  5. Completely random thought, but would a second race at Silverstone, with a crowd be possible? Given that the July event sold out, I can imagine one in September/October getting strong enough numbers to make it viable, and presumably, it would be a low-risk one to put on if the UK stays on its current path, with easy logistics.

  6. I also wonder if a GP in Canada might now be possible as the government is starting to allow vaccinated Americans into the country in August and by September they are planning on allowing people from other countries (presumably UK and EU)

    1. Formula 1 in Montreal in the fall. Bring rain gear, full set of dry clothes, parka and mittens, sunscreen, shorts and t-shirt. Weather could be anything. One year, and it was a June race, I almost had my winter clothes Fed-x-ed, because it was so cold. Standing out on top of the broadcast booths, was no fun.

  7. Joe

    To cancel the race last year was inevitable as it was in the early part of the season and the pandemic. The whole world was shut down.

    This season with a lot of countries returning to relative normality you cannot hang the cancellation on Force Majeure like a year ago as Silverstone held a capacity crowd race based on the 🇬🇧 government having managed to vaccinate so many of its citizens.

    I’m assuming that to cancel there is a financial penalty under the circumstances this year. If this assumption is correct, then it’s going to cost them money anyway or if the races is placed elsewhere is the penalty set off. EU races probably fall under State Aid provisions of Article 107, so the 🇳🇱 government technically cannot bale out the promotors. I’m assuming the financial model is based on every Dutchman going to the seaside circuit that weekend? So a capacity crowd is the difference between making a small profit/breaking even or not?

  8. Yes, we have weather here in Canada. My wife and I went to that first GP in Montreal and can vouch for the fact that all the brass monkeys in town became eunuchs that weekend. Still a good time was had by all.

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