Red Bull review rejected

The FIA Stewards have rejected Red Bull’s application to review the Silverstone stewards’ decision, on the basis that : the evidence presented to the Stewards was not “a significant and relevant new element [that was] discovered which was unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned”.

38 thoughts on “Red Bull review rejected

  1. Maybe all this media hype will just disappear into the ether now… No?.. Oh well, wishful thinking!

  2. How are the other teams seeing this ridiculous and hypocritical Ted Bull behaviour?

    Thanks Joe

  3. Now all other teams (with one obviously VERY watchful competitor) will be watching RB like hawks, and Max will have to “keep his nose clean” otherwise any digression by him will be leapt upon heavily.

  4. This rejection makes sense, but nevertheless the decision itself was over-lenient and incorrect IMHO.

    1. I’d be surprised if anyone was. If ever there was a racing certainty, this decision was it. A precedent has been set.

      Sharpen those front wing end plates and deploy at earliest opportunity. COPY?

      Worth every one of those ten seconds…

  5. Joe,

    When the stewards expresses ‘concern’ about some of the Red Bull ‘allegations’, do you understand them to mean that they’re potentially concerned about Hamiltons driving? Or about Red Bull’s tactics in making such allegations? I found it quite unclear

      1. Assuming we are currently witnessing a win the championship at all costs effort, i.e. small margins in this instance includes winning off track through politics and penalties, what do we think is the driving force? Purely a will to win, inter team personality clashes, could there be end of season penalties to be paid jobs wise if a certain team does not win either championship in the current rules era, or something else?

      2. Thank you for the reply.

        I’m glad to hear that. The ‘manufactured evidence’ line is open to misinterpretation – if I understand correctly, they’re not saying it’s dishonest, simply that it’s based on subjective *interpretation* of the data the FIA already had. But I’m less and less impressed with RBR’s handling of this.

  6. Well done the stewards!! Refusing to join in with Red Bulls dodgy political posturing is the right decision.

  7. Horner’s and Marko’s very large bonuses for winning both world championships remain at risk or did I miss something!

  8. Well the outcome we all expected. Quite strong words by the stewards regarding the Red Bull letter, is that usual?

  9. Its incredible that Red Bull tried to create evidence, what on earth are they thinking.?
    The could have kept the moral high ground and milked all the deserved sympathy for Max. Horner has let emotion rule his head, not what you would expect from a team principal.

    1. If he actually was the TP you’d be correct.; but I think it has been sufficiently demonstrated over the years that he’s little more than a figurehead and that it’s Dr Marko who makes the decisions.

  10. This is actually putting more pressure on Max to behave and drive cleanly for the remaining 2021 races.
    Well done to the 2 pricks Horner and Marko then.

  11. So now Helmut and Christian have basically told the world that if Verstappen (or, more likely, Perez) crashes into Hamilton then it will be deliberate.

    No doubt I’ll get sworn at by Verstappen’s fans too, but it was a racing accident that Verstappen, if he had an ounce of common sense, would have avoided. It’s also payback for all the times he’s run everyone else off the road. Telling that every single driver interviewed didn’t side with Verstappen, isn’t it.

  12. Joe, the decision letter was surprisingly scathing towards Red Bull. Do you know if that’s because Red Bull attacked Hamilton’s sportsmanship or if, as I suspect (without any knowledge!) that it’s because Red Bull attacked the integrity of the stewards?

    Slagging off the stewards and the FIA doesn’t normally end well…

  13. Come on, we know. If Max had been on the inside, Windbag Horner would be giving interview after interview on how firm but fair Max was. And of course, Max would never have received a penalty.

  14. Right outcome, I do feel Red Bulls approch to this has been somewhat questionable, they might as well have come out and said Lewis is a cheat. Reading between the lines of the FIA statement I’m guessing in the back ground they have.

  15. Red Bull – energy drink manufacturer, international spectacular and extreme sports presenter, F1 entrant/sponsor – oh and now story teller and movie maker!

  16. Beautifully clear explanation from the FIA official statement!
    The final paragraph leads one to recall the Ferrari fiasco of last year.(Or at least, wonder if written by the same hand.)
    Max should perhaps be grateful that it is Hamilton not Senna or Schumacher he is pushing against.

    Mr Horner continues to spice things up!

  17. Red Bull just proving once again what a bunch of whingers they are. If they’re not slagging off their engine suppliers, it’s other drivers and now the stewards.

  18. from F1’s public relations standpoint, there are obvious huge benefits to Lewis Hamilton being the sports big star. He’s a global figure, has all the usual, albeit tedious , cultural overlaps with music and fashion and virtue signaling. And he’s been a fantastic champion.

  19. I agree with the FIA’s verdict.

    Red Bull’s behaviour shouldn’t be surprising given what they said about Renault who powered all their world championships.

    These are the ultimate competitors in a business not for the fainthearted. To quote Roger Penske: “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”

  20. Red Bull have come out of this really badly. To apparently question the officials integrity is crossing a line. This was not a clear case of blame, so to come out with the statements they have means they lost credibility.

    I’m happy Max is fine, but regardless who you think was most to blame he was heading for an accident when a rock met an immovable place at some point.

    Someone was eventually going to stand their ground, and Hamilton gave him the choice knowing that Max was in a way more precarious position in that corner. My opinion but I think Hamilton judged it well, he’s been pushed off the track a few times this year by Max, and the start of the lap at Silverstone he had to run wide to avoid being wiped out by Max. I think he decided that he’d stick his nose in at Copse, and leave Max the choice. Max took the bait, and off he went. No more than what happens to over aggressive drivers in grass roots karting who get hung out to dry on the outside.

    Post Mosley F1 has kept most things behind closed doors, so results are no longer subject to court challenges, appeals, etc. Indeed I’d say Red Bull were beneficiaries of this where they bent rules; but were quietly told to change things, or didn’t have their results annulled. I don’t want to see the lawyers getting involved as in the past.

    I do agree with the comments on Massi. He should never have allowed Wolff and Horner to go to the Stewards. That was a serious misjudgment, and not his first one sadly. He needs to be both tougher, and more consistent with his decisions.

  21. Horner’s always had a tendency to shoot from the hip – the difference this time is that he continues to adopt a counter productive position even after having the time to reflect. It was quickly obvious that it would be Max that might be damaged in the long term and sure enough I’ve seen several examples of his driving which are simply unacceptable and going forward he will under the spotlight for quite a while. It’s quite extraordinary that someone who is talented enough to become a team principal can score such a spectacular own goal.

  22. I think the racing gods in their asphalt Mount Olympus made their feelings felt through the medium of Bottas’ Red Bull Billiards yesterday afternoon…

  23. I cannot for the life of me understand what Red Bull thought they would achieve by this. It’s understandable that they were angry about the incident, but it clearly wasn’t deliberate foul play by Hamilton, just a racing incident. Verstappen came out of it looking a bit hard done by, but now Red Bull just look like clowns and Merc look like the grown-ups. What were they thinking?

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