The new World Council

The FIA elections have produced a dramatically different World Motor Sport Council than previously, with only six of the 23 elected members still involved.

The biggest losers appear to be the Western European nations with France, Italy, Germany and Belgium all losing their seats. Also gone are Japan, Mexico and India. Among the well-known individuals who failed to get elected were France’s Nicolas Deschaux, Italy’s Giancarlo Minardi, Australian Andrew Papadopoulos, Mexican Carlos Slim Domit (previously on the FIA Senate), Belgium’s Francois Cornelis, Venezuala’s Enzo Spano, Germany’s Hermann Tomczyk and Kenya’s Surinder Thatti.

The World Council now includes the FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem (UAE) and those on the winning electoral list: Deputy President Sport Robert Reid (GB) and  the seven Vice Presidents: Anna Nordkvist (Sweden), Manuel Avino (Spain), Abdulla Al Khalifa (Bahrain), Rodrigo Ferreira Rocha (Mozambique), Daniel Coen (Costa Rica), Lung-Nien Lee (Singapore) and Fabiana Ecclestone (Brazil).  

The 14 elected members who join them are as follows (in the order of the voting): Garry Connelly (Australia), Viktor Kiryanov (Russia), Eric Barrabino (Monaco), George Silbermann (USA), David Richards (GB), Prince Khalid bin Sultan (Saudi Arabia), Wayne Christie (New Zealand), Andrew Mallalieu (Barbados), Jan Stovicek (Czech Republic), Serkan Yazici (Turkey), Tao Zhang (China), Tom Kristensen (Denmark) and Rado Raspit (Slovenia).

As the rules require three women on the Council, Kenya’s Amina Mohamed takes the 14th seat despite finishing only 23rd in the voting, as Ben Sulayem nominated only two women.

The members by right are the Presidents of the Women in Motorsport, Manufacturers’ and Drivers’ Commissions, plus the President of the CIK, Stefano Domenicali (Formula One). Ferrari takes over from the President of the Manufacturers’ Commission when the discussion relates to F1.

24 thoughts on “The new World Council

  1. Hi Joe, are these elected folks in paid positions? How is the FIA funded, and what is their annual operating budget?

    Thank you

  2. More than likely another vanity project, by a petro dollar dictator, paying massive amounts of money to secure a position, just so they have bragging rights in their never ending competition between cities or countries in middle east.
    But no passion for the sport .

    Fabiana Ecclestone (Brazil
    What a joke

    1. Bernie met her on the MSC in 2012, she is a carry-over.

      Forget last weekend’s fiasco and I think the FIA has been pretty good under Todt. There is no reason why it cant be as good under Bin Sulayem, largely by being at arm’s length from F1 who generally have done a good job with top-level racing.

      Hopefully, guided by his own passion and DR, the WRC can rise up once more to become entertaining.

    2. Indeed, the buy a blazer brigade.

      Like most blazers they have no passion, just love the importance of the rule.

      Open minded, let’s see where we are in 5 years.

      1. A real shame your greenbook is somewhat tied to the races. Very fascinating read always and has the feel of a light novel.

        You do deserve your holiday but it’s a bit sobering just watching weeks and months go bye with no update.
        Enjoy your time off.

  3. Hi Joe,
    Andrew from Australia here simply hoping that you and your family have a happy and safe Christmas, and to thank you so much for the blog.
    I picked a huge year to stuff up and for the first time in many years , not have a subscription to Grand Prix+!!
    What an idiot.
    A mistake I will not repeat.
    Again, my thanks, and all the best for 2022.

  4. Sorry to be slightly off topic but….
    I am seriously into F1 (not alone!).
    My friend who is seriously into sport but not F1 watched the final race – the only race he has watched for years.
    Because of the almost unbelievably unjust outcome he has vowed never to watch F1 again.
    F1 history is stained by this years championship.
    The authorities I fear are too invested in avoiding any kind of mea culpa to change anything.
    Tremendously sad.
    Love your posts btw Joe.

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