So it’s Lawrence of Arabia

Back in December I reported that there was a contest going on to land Aramco money and that Lawrence Stroll was working hard to land a deal for Aston Martin. He has now announced the deal. Let’s hope that Aston Martin’s performance improves compared to last year.

35 thoughts on “So it’s Lawrence of Arabia

  1. Joe, if you hold an ‘Audience with…’ in Melbourne in April, I’ll hope to asking you to let us know how Lawrence feels about his high profile four time world champion driver.

  2. Let’s hope AML car co shares recover a bit on that news! They stand at £1,158, way down from the 2021 high of £2,253. It’s not all smooth going for Mr. Stroll.

    1. Well spotted Christopher Partridge. I put the comma / full stop in the wrong place. It should have read £115.80 and down from £225.30.
      The point was however, more that (whatever the inaccuracy of the figure) the shares have pretty much collapsed over the last year.

      1. Sorry but you’ve still got the comma and full stop in the wrong place. Try moving them one place to the left. Third time lucky?

        1. £11.58….£22.53. 😀 Still not a great performance, although I did buy shares when Toto Wolff invested heavily at just above £7

  3. AMR badly needs money (from whatever source) given new factory capital costs, failed £200m bond issue and loss of sponsor BWT.

  4. The British always get there first. As many will know, the late Frank Williams had his hand on Saudi cash way back in the 70s. There was a famous photo op of Frank with his ‘Fly Saudia’ liveried FW07 outside the airline’s offices in Victoria Street.
    And a beauty she was too.

    1. For some reason the sponsorship deal with the Bin Laden group from that era doesn’t seem to be much publicised these days. Can’t think why.

  5. I might be hypocrite as when I started following F1 I was so happy for the struggling Frank Williams to attract Saudi Arabian money, while now I’m disgusted by oppressive regimes sportswashing. I’m perfectly happy to see A-M battle it out with Team Russia for 9th in the constructors.,😎

    1. Sport-washing works two ways. It is an opportunity for the country to look good, but it also means that there will be more scrutiny.
      Look at what has happened in Qatar with the soccer.

  6. A bit terse Joe. I’m probably reading way too much into this but if LH didn’t return you’d be disappointed, I’m sure. Any news?

    1. He was never not going to return. Hence why I didn’t waste time nor energy writing rubbish about the idea.

  7. Yet more “sportswashing” by the Saudis, attempting to improve their tarnished reputation with sports. F1 isn’t alone in this.

  8. Lawrence must be a very persuasive guy. Perhaps he promised prime space on the new livery. I hope he didn’t promise a championship in 3 years. Time will tell on all fronts.

  9. They seem to have both Aramco and Cognizant in the team name now… can’t remember a team having 2 title sponsors!

  10. Hi Joe. Have you heard any rumblings about the proposed Caribbean Grand Prix in Barranquilla? Sounds like it’s in the early stages from the news article I’ve read, but they hope to have something concrete in place within three years

  11. Joe, we’ve heard the stories about Honda continuing to work with Honda based on an interview he gave to Austrian media Autorevue. However, TheDrive published a story that after checking with Honda about this, they draw the conclusion that nothing is certain yet. Looking at Marko’s history of providing misinformation, how confident are you that RedBull’s continuing relationship with Honda has been decided on?

  12. I have a feeling that the shares will not be at low point in the future – Mr Stroll does look to be the kind of sales person that could sell sand to saudi arabia.

  13. Incorporating Aramco’s logos into Aston’s colour scheme could look messy.

    Otherwise, it fits in with his big ideas.

    Now if he only had a solid second driver and a first one capable of a few wins.

  14. And now Marco Mattiaci has been hired!
    I’m puzzled at how all these enormous egos will co-exist regardless of department and seniority.

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