Apologies for being quiet

I live in rural bliss in France. The mobile phone coverage is non-existent. Sadly, Mr Putin and his chums took out the satellite I use to get Internet access (strange but true).

Thus life is a bit complicated until a new service provider get things up and running.

(This was written on an iPhone, while I sat in the dark under a mobile phone tower… I’m off home now…)

42 thoughts on “Apologies for being quiet

  1. Sorry Joe, our fault, we’ve dropped you in it !
    Criticising that wonderful Vlad the Great, Czar of all Russia whilst his cavalry gallops to the rescue of his poor oppressed countryfolk enslaved in that dreadful Nazi stronghold to the South. Happily his mighty artillery have been able to rid the world of the means of dissemination of all the falsehoods perpetrated by your dishonest, ignorant and ill meaning followers.
    I await with trepidation a knock on the door and a visit from a nice representative of the FSB with a little posy of Novichok.

  2. kind of strange narrative from those surroundings, looks like someone in rougetowers aint too happy with some recent lines

  3. Thanks for the update Joe, I was wondering what the red line for NATO to take action would be, and I think we’ve just found it if they can’t read your blog!

  4. As someone said, “if you have nothing to say, say nothing”.

    I am sure that if there is something that you feel that we need to know, you will find a way to inform us.

    Too often people post irrelevancy just to post something.

  5. Have you thought of trying starlink. Elon musk’s best earth satellite offering? Very high speed and available in Europe just in the last year

  6. Stay home. Take some days off. Enjoy a bottle or two of the finest. Love that bliss. Keep safe as I’m sure we’ll all hear from you soon!

  7. Joe,

    Hope you are restored soon.

    I guess there is nothing more to know or say about this just now, but I wonder about the following:

    Losing Uralkali cash likely puts Haas team in finincial duress. Regardless of the value of spreading the name of Mr. Haas’ company worldwide, that’s got to hurt.

    If that is the case, and I recognize that I am assuming, without evidence, that it does, it might create the perfect opening for Andretti: Buy, or somehow team up with the Haas entry. As Haas is already “American-ish”, culturally it might be easier for Andretti than starting fresh, or buying a fully European team, and if Haas is under duress, the price might be right too.

    Just daydreaming….

  8. Hi Joe. Do you think there could have been a financial agreement/compensation between F1 and Haas to stop the partnership Uralkali/Haas, in order to avoid any bad buzz around F1 ?

  9. I’m not a journalist and dont need domestic broadband, quiet rural France sounds very appealing but obviously you still need connectivity to earn a living. Hope you are keeping well, and looking forward to creating soem great new content for us…. 😀

    1. Yes, I am. Keep the Friday open. I just need a little time to st things up after the Internet disaster here in France.

  10. Hi Joe,
    Can you please settle an argument for me. In the Netflix ‘Drive to survive show’ S4EP9 – ‘Gloves are off’
    Is it you on camera saying “No scratching and biting” to Toto as he heads into a press conferences between himself and Christian?
    Hope it’s you, as I’ve a whole fiver staked on the outcome.

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