Here’s the 2023 calendar

This is pretty much as expected but it may not happen as published as I think that one or two of the dates are going to be provisional. I am not sure how the Chinese are going to get everything sorted out by April because they were looking for an October date, to buy more time to get around all the COVID restrictions that are still in place.

From what I hear from China the procedures there are very complex and very difficult for visitors. All travelers currently need to quarantine at a government-designated location on arrival. While in quarantine, there are daily tests and anyone who tests positive will be transferred to a government-run medical facility.

At the same time lockdowns can occur at any moment and people can be stuck there for as long as the lockdown is deemed to be necessary. Perhaps arrangements will be made to make life easier for F1, and perhaps things will change, but at the moment this is the case.

There are a number of other issues with the dates published, including Monaco being in the middle of a triple-header not to mention a fairly brutal Austin-Mexico-Brazil triple-header at the end of the year.

39 thoughts on “Here’s the 2023 calendar

  1. China’s a dodgy one – you still need a PCR test to go food shopping there (or in Shanghai at least). Plus, there’s the unspoken fact that a lot of money is very fed up with this and is leaving China right now, and it’s not even all from Hong Kong.

  2. Given all the competing factors involved; maximize the race fees, capitalize on increased global interest, car development, physical and emotional wear on the team staff, travel issues and more – do think there is a total number of races for a year that best balances all these factors?

  3. Curious to know what your estimate would be of the calendar needing more than 3 changes? Swapping dates is two events. My guess would be about 70% certain that it will be more then 3.

    It is quite amusing just how they can spend so many weeks putting this together, but it only really exists to draw a line in the sand, which, inevitably, will get blown around by the winds that surround F1

  4. Joe, what happened to the much vaunted regionalised calendar?

    4 seperate trips for you guys to North America (when two would suffice), 4 to the Middle East (two was enough in 2021 for the same 4 venues) 5 trips to Asia including standalone section of Australia, China and Azerbaijan across 5 weeks.

  5. Hi Joe,
    How much did Monaco 🇲🇨 have to give up and pay to the F1 group to get their new 3 year deal?
    I heard a rumour that Mick might have landed a seat at Alpine via a huge deal from a massive German company that currently backs Merc F1…………..
    Great work as ever!

      1. As you’ll have read, watch your P’s and Q’s. I wonder if any Canadian, Japanese or even Aussie journalists will take the risk ?

    1. I can’t imagine any team or F1 personnel will even come close to accepting these rules. Joe won’t have to worry about deciding…

  6. Now it’s been a few years, do you think the Baku Grand Prix has had any impact on the image of Azerbaijan? Have they made themselves appear more “European”?

    1. G’day Chris,
      Yes it has had an impact, I’ve put “Well done Baku” trip on my list of cities to see. Also that silly saying caught on, I’ve seen it on backpacker and biker forums without any F1 reference.

      I know a couple of blokes at the AGP Corp. Apparently the tourist numbers to Melbourne had a very noticeable increase from 1996. Singapore also had a big increase after the GP arrived. F1 does bring in tourists. Watch Miami figures rising.

      Joe might have some numbers to back that info up but it is definitely there.

    1. G’day Jimbo,
      I’d second your Turkey nomination. It’s a shame they blotted their copy book. I wonder if that is still effecting them getting a race or if it’s their dire economic situation. They could do with a few more tourist dollars.

  7. Unless they using rowing boats to get acros the Atlantic so many times, it does not do much for F1’s claim to be moving to carbon neutral by 2030, or is that a bit like government statistics, ignore and don’t count those that conflict with the message.

    What you did not mention Joe (perhaps you don’t know) is if you in one of the Chinese prisons and say you miss the race, how do you get out? Do you have to be negative and then if in a lockdown area can you leave from just the 24 hour curfew they have.

    F1 should not be going to 🇨🇳 until life returns to relative normal, like the rest of the world.

  8. Presumably China and Qatar will swap back over in the Spring/Autumn order in normal year without a World Cup and a Losail rebuild? Makes much more sense to do Qatar on the way home from Australia (I’d imagine the freight will be wheels down for fuel in Qatar, Bahrain or UAE anyway) and China after Japan before heading across the Pacific to the Americas for the 4 races there ?

    1. World Cup doesn’t affect next season anymore, but the new track completion time, yes.
      While I also see this possibility, I see Baku ending up in the post-Monza flyaway phase as another possibility, given all 2024 early-season Middle East events will effectively have to occur post-Ramadan, i.e., April 14 at the earliest.
      Therefore, no Middle East event following the AusGP. We’ll see.

  9. Thank you Joe.
    If there is a problem with China, maybe Japan could take China’s April slot in addition to its November gp.
    One of them could be called the “European Grand Prix”. That should be ok. We had one in Azerbijan once, remember? That was as European as Japan.

    1. The racing on the same track twice in a season thing only works when doing so on consecutive weekends rather than separately at different season phases.

    2. There were Pacific Grands Prix held at Aida in 1994 & 1995, both won by Michael Schumacher.

      Stuff I didn’t know until just now #28948: the name was originally applied to a series of races at Laguna Seca in the early 1960s.

  10. Sounds like F1 is forcing China to allow foreigners into the country under the glare of the global media, or wants China to intiate the cancellation of the round, with China still paying the hosting fee.

    The ball is in China’s court.

  11. That final part of the season looks a brutal travel schedule, I cant imagine the boots on the ground will get much time at home, if any

  12. hey Joe,

    Looking into the calendar, I was curious to know how do you book your flights and hotels. I am interested to know if there is a less expensive version so that I could plan to attend a few.


  13. Hi Joe, is there any credence to the suggestion, that the FIA released the calendar without the teams say so?
    Do you consider that we could be entering another FIA/FOCA kind of era?

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