Excited about F1?

If you are new to the sport but keen to know more about F1, you might like to consider subscribing to GP+. This is an electronic magazine dedicated to the sport.

You can read it in Flipbook format or download it as a PDF. Unlike any other F1 publication it appears just a few hours after each Grand Prix, and includes all you need to know about each Grand Prix weekend, plus news, features, interviews, history, opinions, great photography and even book reviews.

If you are a new Formula 1 fan who has watched Drive to Survive and wants to know more about the real story of F1, we can take you behind the scenes. The three GP+ partners have reported on more than 2000 Grands Prix between us, in the course of the last 35 years. Yes, it really does say 2000…

This means that we can go through doors that are closed to other media and give insight that comes from experience.

The magazine is not expensive and if you buy a bundle, rather than a basic annual subscription, you can download all the GP+ issues (which is an archive of over 340 magazines), to have your own F1 archive, which you can carry around in your lap-tap or store in your cloud. This publication requires no shelf space!

The 2023 subscription comes with a free 2022 Season Review and we always have a few extra goodies each year.

And you can also make a subscription as a gift, if you know someone who is mad about the sport and wants to know more.

All you need to do is click here

2 thoughts on “Excited about F1?

  1. Ok. Just subscribed. Just wanted to let you know I’m doing part for you get your yacht at Yas Marina.

    Or a fake yacht in Miami.

  2. Quite a few people in the sporting and business spheres need to take a look out the window and check the economic headwinds and state of the car markets. Global recession is likely in 2023/24 fiscal and the car financing bubble (what’s known in financial circles as “sub-prime v2.0”) will almost certainly burst during the period; concomitant to both situations, new car sales will fall heavily and the keys of hundreds of thousands of leases will be dropped through dealer letterboxes in the night, from Lancing in West Sussex to Lansing in Michigan and countless points in-between. (As a fellow F1 fan and friend on the corporate side of the car business once said to me, the number of people in the UK employed by F1 teams is higher than the number of people who own the Nissan Juke they’re driving. And he said it with a straight face.)
    “Chairman, I’ve got the CFO for you on line 1.”

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