come to a virtual audience…

I have been hosting Audiences for Formula 1 since (would you believe) February 2010, although this has become a little harder over time as increasingly venues in places near Formula 1 races have viewed the sport as being an endless pit of money and so have priced themselves out of the market. This is frustrating for me and for fans who want a chance to get to know more about the sport.

During the COVID pandemic, however, we tried some virtual audiences, which proved to be very successful and so we are going to do some more of them this year, although I hope to have a number of live events as well.

I am having the first Virtual Audience this year on January 13. This will be a private two hour zoom conference call which will allow F1 fans to ask questions about F1, the latest gossip, history or whatever. The content is driven entirely by your questions.

We will keep it as close to the live Audience format as possible – but you will need to provide your own drinks and snacks.

We keep the numbers low so that everyone can get the chance to ask questions and we will endeavour to ensure that everyone gets at least one opportunity. It costs just £20 a head

The Virtual Audience with Joe will take place on Friday 13th January at 8pm (GMT). For more details and to buy tickets, click here

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