Mekies to head AlphaTauri

Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies will be the new Scuderia AlphaTauri team principal, starting next year. It will a return to Faenza for the Frenchman, who spent much of his early career with the team when it was Minardi.

The move means that Ferrari will lose another leading player.

The team also announced that ex-FIA man Peter Bayer will become the team’s chief executive.

Franz Tost is retiring.

3 thoughts on “Mekies to head AlphaTauri

  1. Okay, let’s drop it… all over the internet I read that people are enthusiastic about this move and that he’s a quite a catch for AlphaTauri. But is he really? What did he really bring to the table at Ferrari (he is/was in charge of ‘track and performance’ since 2019 and now acting as racing director)? I only know him a bit from his earlier days (as engineer) at Minardi and am not so sure he will fit in there in this new position. Or am I wrong?

  2. Joe,
    I’m aware that Franz Tost is a fan of Yuki Tsunoda, but will he stays with Alpha Tauri team?
    And with Mekies arrival, was or will there be any technical relation between Ferrari with Alpha Tauri in process?
    I’m just considering that we don’t know what Honda powertrain action will be (or impacts on any Japanese racers), plus the natural progress of RedBull/Ferrari young driver in F2/F3, especially after the news of RedBull engaging with Ford Motor Co.

    1. I have no idea about Yukon. It’s too early to say. There is no link with Ferrari. SAT will use Red Bull engines.

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