A nice piece of fan engagement will see Gulf asking fans to pick a livery for Williams for the races in Singapore, Japan and Qatar later this year. Gulf is offering four different choice and will have a knockout competition in three rounds to decide which will be used. The winning livery will be announced on July 12 and will be displayed on a show car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

If you want to vote go to

14 thoughts on “GULF ASKING FANS

  1. Nothing I see says much about Gulf, as I know it from the classic days of Le Mans etc. It’s light blue and orange, nothing else. I guess the Heritage scheme is closest. The first round, second round makes no sense – why not vote between all four at once? I see the opportunity for skewing the votes in favour of the first two choices, and there should be an option for “none of the above”.

  2. Apologies for going off topic, but do you know why Jack Nicholls has been sacked from the FE commentary team and is today missing from BBC Sport’s team in Monaco?

  3. Meanwhile UK viewers should be watching Ch4 A v good docu of the origins and history of the Monte Carlo race. Including film of H Willliams winning after painting the car green.

  4. Did you ever do the Goodwood events, Joe? They used to be something special but …

      1. Penske PC3 / 1975 (I was the team ‘go-fer’!)
        Beatrice Haas / 1985-1986
        Arrows / 1989-1990
        Benetton / 1990 (the last ‘United Colors’ car)
        Tyrrell / 1996
        Stewart / 1997 (my personal favourite)
        European Minardi / 2001-05

        1. @ Peter Tabmow – That’s an impressive list – the Benetton is one of my faves that you have done – but do especially like the Tyrrell one and the Minardi’s. Shame they did not ask you to produce the Gulf livery for Williams. F1 desings don’t see to have the simple elegance that some of the older designs had.

          1. Thanks for the kind words. I actually have designed a Gulf livery: the DragonSpeed-run Dallara LMP1 at Le Mans in 2019.

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