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My goal of this blog is to amuse and inform. Blogs usually have themes and in this case the primary focus is the world of Formula 1 racing. But if I choose to write about windmills, taxi drivers or hairstyles in Peru, I am at liberty to do so. A “blog” is not a traditional news source, but rather a personal web log (hence the name) about whatever the author wants to write about. So I write what I think. It is my opinion and no matter what your opinion may be, I am unlikely to change my views unless I am convinced I am wrong. Still, I am open to intelligent discussion and happy to see people air their opinions in comments – in a respectful fashion. There are some commenters who accuse me of bias. Journalists should always be objective and so the accusation of bias is disrespectful. If you feel that way then don’t read the blog. Being rude and abusive will not help. Such comments will never be published.

A good rule of thumb when writing a comment is to question whether you would say such a thing to someone’s face… and it is helpful if you understand defamation, as anything defamatory also gets deleted.

111 thoughts on “Blog rules

    1. Joe your a serious writer, top man, I write too, as best as I can, it’s more fun like and simple writing, all blogs should be entertaining I feel.

      [Sadly, I did not include the rest of this message as it was a plug for your website and if I allow one person to do that, I will have everyone trying to get a free ride – JS]

  1. Joe,
    It’s been a while since we last met, but I see your passion, enthusiasm and curiosity has not diminished one drop. I found your blog via your recent Q&A with team leaders on the F1 site.
    Great blog, I love to be able to read the backgrounds and inside info on the teams.
    Keep up the good work! We all love and appreciate your dedication to keeping us informed, and keeping F1 honest.

  2. Dear Joe: is my first time here in your blog.
    I dont speak english at all, but I understood your words about the shame we were living today. Its a pitty, then where this year was going a good year of the f1 sport. But the situation that we lived today it was a big dangerous for the peopel than me, who loves sports.
    If the results of today will stay ok, the mans who drivers cars, will be less than a wheel. I am very sorry because I shoul imagine one baddest F1 than today.
    The peopleo who loves races, love than the partners fight for on place, fight for the upper place. Its no matter important than in this way, the team will be loss or damage. We wont the drivers fight each other every time.
    If the drivers not will fight for the upper place, there no will be races. Tehre only will be results, equal publicity. More money, upper place, less money, lower place.
    And this is not cars races.
    Well, I do you congratulations about your today words about the Hockenheim situation. I love Ferrary, but I was disagree about the years of Schumaher.
    And of course, for me, today race was a disapoining and shame.

  3. Amen Joe!!!

    I’ll also add…if people have a problem with your views and writing…don’t come visit the site…plain and simple. No need to harangue the author here. If you don’t like Joe…start your own F1 blog and see if you can match Joe’s greatness at what he does…otherwise, be gone misfits!

  4. Hi Joe,

    I just discovered your blog and wanted to say thank you for all the years of great F1 journalism you have given us, you were a huge part of my childhood when I used to eagerly read Autosport, checking the newsagents for the latest one. Here in Australia they were expensive and late in arriving BUT there was very little F1 news in this country at the time.
    Being a HUGE Alain Prost fan I appreciated that you wrote good stories about him and seemed to appreciate his talent (hahaha if I needed bolstering of how great Alain was, I would find a Nigel Roebuck article, he seemed to be a Prost fan)
    Again, thank you for your great work, this blog has definitely been bookmarked!

    Kind Regards

    Laszlo K

  5. Hi Joe,

    Just read your historical piece in the Senna/Ferrari World Blog. Which got me thinking that you must have a massive amount of articles in your archives.

    I’m not sure of the copyright or business implications, but have you considered enhancing your blog by allowing access to these for F1 fans with time on their hands?

    It then also occoured to me that as an F1 die-hard fan I am constantly on the hunt for interesting articles and Hi-Res F1 images. I’m sure i’m not the only one.

    Using your GP+ contacts, I wonder if it could be financially advantageous for you (I know this is always of interest to you!) to offer a Blog+ service with some hi-res F1 images from Grands Prix and access to some of the mountains of stuff you have written over the years? Obviously there could be a small subscription for this like GP+. Maybe you could even do a Maximum Saward Deal! GP+ and Blog+ at a price that makes sense.

    GP+, to which I will subscribe again in 2011, is priced as to be a “no-brainer” in my estimation – and if you were to do the same with an enhanced blog – with appropriate content to seduce us, i’m reasonably sure us knuckle-dragging F1 geeks would lap it up.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for your efforts during 2010. You have enhanced my understanding and enjoyment of F1 during the year and provided the GP+ subscription for 2011 is half-sensible you have yourself a guaranteed subscription. I will also reccomend it on the Williams F1 forum I frequent.

  6. I have only been reading your blog for 12months but you have amused & informed me, are you the same Joe Saward who used to write for Motoring News in the 70s? I was in NZ & we couldnt afford Autosport airmail.

    1. neil

      I wrote for Motoring News in UK in 1983 and then joined Autosport in 1984. I wrote for Australian Auto Action for a few years and then joined Australasian Motorsport News from about 1988 to 2007.

  7. Joe, I struggle to come up with a Christmas list each year, there’s just not much I want that I don’t have. I officially have one item requested this year: subscription.

  8. Hi Joe,

    Tremendous blog, and the first place I come to every morning to get reliable, informed and witty news and comment on all things wheeled.

    Quick question – any news or insight on this new concept called the A10 World Series? They have a website, but with little info apart from a recording of their engine.

    Thought you might be able to dig around for some detail.

    Cheers, and keep up the excellent work in 2011.

  9. Great work Joe.
    Having long ago paid this years sub for GP Plus, can you footnote a blog to let us all know if last years password applies please. Or even to every blog to remind people to sign up if you like.

    Off topic, the new MacLaren reminded me of a Dinky toy that I had in 1938. That was Bernd Rosemayer’s record breaking Auto Union in which he sadly died. That wonderful chute between the rear wheel casings and the engine cover of the Auto Union was so like MacLaren’s new sidepods. Hopefully the “wetted area” increase will not increase the drag.

  10. Dear Mr. Saward:
    I consider this section of your blog to be very well put. It clearly describes the “laws of the game” here. This is the right thing to do.
    Also, you views and principles about the its content are crystal clear.
    However, I would not fully agree with the final phrase. Your blog does not “amuse” me. It “informs” me, and, from time to time, makes me think deeper.
    Thank you.

  11. Hi Joe

    fyi …

    great bends of the world may seem an unlikely subject for men’s t-shirts, but at t-lab we’re experimenting. Our latest design 08 Parabolica, pays homage to the most famous (and best named) bend of one of the world’s fastest racing circuits – Monza, Italy.

    … be interested in your view as to which is the most famous F1 bend?

  12. Joe-a couple of things that don’t fit in the blog.

    -can I use Paypal for a sub to GP+?
    -I did not realise you wrote the World Atlas of Racing. I love this book and pull it out every year to read during the cold winter…
    -would love to hear your comments about the podium finish at Sebring of the Highcroft/Wirth car developed largely using CFD and bolted together right before the race with minimal testing?
    -looking forward to reading GP+ on iPad…I think it will be a better experience than on my laptop.
    Thanks, Joe.
    Dave OBrien
    Philadelphia, PA USA

  13. Joe, I like the redesign..takes it more from a ‘template’ to a personal blog feel, although I’ve been on the road a lot and read it through the mobile site so I havent been able to comment on anything recently. We’re still waiting to see you back in the US in Austin next year, and I think you should start looking for places to do your ‘evening with joe’. As always, we eagerly await your thoughts on the new (2011) season and hope you keep sharing your views on more races at new venues (specifically in the US/north america). And more of those ‘sneak peeks’ would be great (your visit to a sound engineer to listen to the new engine sounds is something I hope you can expand upon).

  14. Hi Joe. Great blog which I really enjoy reading.

    A little question, which might sound a little strange, but can you tell me how you pronounce your surname?

    A totally irrelevant matter for a text service, I appreciate, but as radio newsreader who is used to double-checking pronoucniations it’s been something that’s been bugging me for months.


      1. Dae ye no’ mean “Say-word”, laddie? I’ve tae read the news on the radio and I’m sure it cannae be “Say-wood”…

          1. Oh dear. I’ve been reading your name as “Soh-word” since I first read your articles in “F1 News” in the mid nineties. After all these years it’s going to take a while to adjust to this bombshell..! 🙂

      2. I can’t help noticing that the likes of Ted Kravitz (on his Sky F1 notebook rounds) seem intent on pronouncing your surname “Sea-ward” – as if to imply you were heading off on some maritime endeavour!
        Have you not noticed this apparent issue, or is the matter of how unfamiliar Sky F1 viewers may come to mis-pronounce your surname, not registering large on your journalistic radar – due to more pressing concerns?
        If it was some Eddie Jordan-esque character, I would understand your indifference. However my perception of Ted and his notebook pieces, is that he usually goes the extra proverbial mile to get things right.
        Given he recently used you as a source on-screen, whilst combining his deft journalistic touch with a pretty explicit public query, to politely position a question regarding F1 drivers’ bathroom requirements – would it have taken much extra effort to pronounce your name correctly?

  15. Hi Joe,

    You know I’ve been following all the discussions about how to increase competitiveness and overtaking in all the press from Tilke designed tracks to budget disparity, KERS, movable rear wings and artificial rain (!?).

    The other day I was trolling through YouTube I stumbled across the video of Rene Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve battling it out at the French Grand Prix in Dijon and the Spanish Grand Prix where (again) Gilles Villeneuve held off the train of cars behind him.

    Now while I don’t advocate going back to the “good old days” I spent some time looking back at the lap charts and points tables for the 1980 season there were seven different drivers who won races and Alan Jones won five of them.

    In 1981 eight different drivers won races before Nelson Piquet won the championship and the top 5 drivers were split by 7 points.

    Can anything be learned from seasons gone by that can be applied to the current situation to deliver a better product?

  16. Joe, loved your piece on lapcharts. I used to be an F1 mechanic in the 70s for Surtees Brabham and Graham Hill and was responsible for running the car. We had two guys per car, one would run the lap chart and one would hang the board and that was it. I also used all kinds of shorthand in my book, and still have one of them in fact. It would have our laptime , plus any other salient times of cars with whom we may compete in the race and funny squiggles etc to designate something happening. They were surprisingly accurate. I didn’t get every car every lap but would notice a change in order or gap but it all made sense to me, which was important. The wife or girlfriend of the driver would do a more formal chart which was often needed in a dispute (eg Mosport 1975). The funny thing was if it rained, two things happened. The ink would run on my pages and there would be big gaps as we were also the pitcrew and would have to leave the pitwall to go and change tyres! Lets just say there was a lot of guesswork in those days. There is not space here but I really remember the British GP in 1975as I brought Jonesy in a lap too late and it was red flagged and we lost our in-lap on the countback, otherwise we would have been the winner and it was all there in my lapchart.

    Things have changed!


    Steve Roby

      1. Hi Joe. The perfect response! The ‘why’ simply doesn’t require further explanation. First time on your blog and definitely wont be the last – great content. Intend to visit regularly during this season and am looking forward to doing so. As you may have gathered, a (massive) Senna fan – always will be. Travelling to races to watch him in 80’s & 90’s best days of my life. Best regards Nick W.

  17. Hi,

    Both here at work and at home, I use a Firefox live-bookmark that updates itself as new articles appear on the blog. However, for the last couple of days, neither has been able to connect and it just says “Live bookmark feed failed to load”.

    It’s a great way of staying up to date with everything that’s been going on and makes navigating the various stories of interest ‘that’ much easier. I was wondering if something had changed in the back-end of the site that may have caused this or if there’s something different I need to do on my end as a result?

    In case it helps track down the fault (if it is a proper fault), the work Firefox hasn’t been updated in goodness-knows how long but the home one is always as up-to-date as is possible so we can rule out shonky browser updates.

    Many thanks for the blog and kind regards,


  18. Joe,
    I was wondering if you could share your views on the modern era of Formula 1. My main question is: do you think that Formula 1 is in it’s golden era? And why?
    Thanks, keep the posts coming.

  19. After all these years- I finally read the rules. Wouldn’t it be easier to say, “It’s my blog. If you don’t like it, pi$$ off.”? Hee hee hee…

  20. Hi Joe,
    I have tried to post a couple of blog comments recently which have not appeared. Neither was in any way controversial or against the spirit or letter of the blog rules. Have I been added to your spam list by accident or am I persona non grata for some other reason?

    1. Not that I know of. I have heard of one or two others who have had similar experiences. Perhaps it is a WordPress problem. Keep trying!

  21. Joe, This is from Cynopsis,thought you would find it interesting ” NBC Sports reports that its Formula 1 ratings, through 8 races on NBCSN, averaged 388,000 viewers this season, up 98% from 2013. Meanwhile, Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix on the channel averaged 422,000 viewers, making it the most-watched Italian GP since 2006.”

  22. Dear Joe,

    what do you think of David Brabhams efforts to rebuild the Team by means of crowdfunding and an open source approach?

    I find it exciting and a contemporary way of doing things, finally. Hope it will be successful and I guess it could be to your liking.


    PS: I’m a big fan of yours! Cheers from Austria

  23. Joe I believe its the fault of the FIA and Bernie they are responsible for marussia f1 and caterham f1 demise and because they were promised a budget cap and then were not given one they should bail them out. Bernies made a lot of money out of F1. What do you think?

  24. Joe,

    I have just spent the past 2 days sorting our my Autosport collection from 1981 to current, on my wifes instruction..(it was either that or a divorce).

    It would have taken less time but I found myself reading more than sorting.

    It occurs, have you given any thought to publishing a “best of Globetrotter?” or do you not look back at your previous writings in that much detail?

    I think it would be very well received by a new audience and old crusties like me would buy a copy just so we didnt have to make a mess of the now pristine pile of mags!

  25. I came across the Sidepodcast and the episode with you talking about the current state of F1. I have not followed F1 for many years but returned a couple of years ago. It is refreshing to hear someone reporting on F1 who, with actual knowledge and insight, says what they think. That is of course different to the current political vogue for being contraversial with no expertise but certain in the knowledge that it will engage with people who also have no knowledge. In MotoGP, few are willing to discuss how Dorna and their paymasters are managing the series. Motor Sport Magazine usually concerns itself with the past and occasionally makes a foray into what to do about F1. So it is refreshing to listen to someone clearly passionate about F1 but also willing to provide an alternative but informed narrative!

  26. Mr Saward, you are definitely in the top echelon of F1 writers that I love to read including Eoin Young, Alan Henry and Nigel Roebuck. Great stuff!!

  27. While on the surface the concept of a App loaded onto a visitors phone in the Paddock Club might seem a nice idea.I am sure like all Apps it will be designed mainly to harvest information from the users phone, such as contacts, dowloaded files, etc. While this information would no doubt prove a potential gold mine to CVC building information and contacts for future ventures, I doubt that many executives, will bite at this particular offering.

    Nice Blog, I will subscribe to your letter

  28. First time I have read your blog.
    A refreshing change from many F1 websites etc. Very interesting info regarding the current Red Bull driver movements also the other likely or possible driver movements.
    I know you are probably away from France a lot during the season but it would be interesting to me to know what living in France is like these days.
    I lived in France back in the seventies.
    I have only been back a few times to Le Mans so have know idea what life is like there now. Anyway I look forwards to your F1 & other Motorsport info & comments & even perhaps a taste of life in France. Cheers Mike.

  29. A little Baku history. Circa 1900 or so, when Joseph Stalin was an up-and-coming revolutionary gangster in nearby Georgia, Baku was experiencing an oil boom, maybe the largest in Eurasia at the time. You will have heard of the Nobel Prize, but although Alf Nobel invented TNT, his money came from the family business, which was BIG OIL, and the Nobels were the biggest oil men in Baku.

    Stalin arrived, and a day or so later major industrial fires began breaking out. Stalin had a meeting with a representative of the Nobels, and a significant amount of money changed hands. The fires in Baku stopped.

    Before being sent to Siberia (several times–security was poor and he kept escaping) for revolutionary activities, Stalin was the primary source of money for Lenin, who liked to live in comfort in the West. Stalin was the chief bandit. Stalin did not hold up the bank (or whatever) he had gunmen for that. This is why Lenin depended on Stalin.

    Of course, in 1942 Hitler did his utmost to reach the oil spigot in Baku, but Stalin’s maximum effort to stop the German drive succeeded.

    I enjoy your blog.

  30. Hey Joe – can I just ask why I’m blocked from you on Twitter?! I’m @mrchris1980. I don’t think I’ve been owt but polite and supportive even on twitter and elsewhere?!

  31. Hi Joe
    I have always enjoyed your personal web blogs.

    Is it possible to have a F1 Team Issue merchandise not to have their team name on it. Just a symbol of Team’s Title Sponsor logo.

  32. Joe, If I may, I would like to take a minute of your time.
    I’m from Mexico and a solid fan of auto racing, from family inheritance on…
    I would like to know if FIA has released the Constructor’s Prize money amounts for the 2016 Season.
    And if there is a way to know the rules to define such prizes.
    Thank you and congrats on your career and this blog.

  33. Joe, how long have you been writing the blog?

    I’ve been following F1 since 1994, and took a leave of absence from’95 to ’01, ironically while I was stationed in Italy. Since then, I’ve only missed races when deployed on aircraft carriers.

    I find your articles very insightful and well informed, that is including your musings on travel and F1 life. One thing I find very cool is that in the list of headlines I receive, I can always pick out your articles by the titles alone. So thank you for them and since we do not get full coverage on race reports, on the day there was an exception, I was glad to see you in action during a press conference.

    One question and comment I have relates to the success and in some occasions championships achieved more through technological exploits than the driving. For example, as much as I love Jenson’s wit, attitude and even his driving, I doubt he would have won in 2009 had it not been for the double diffuser. Once all teams got onboard, he stopped winning. Another statistic thrown about is Lewis’ increasing tally of wins. The rest of the power unit manufacturers are essentially stuck with their underperforming engines, so of course Lewis will continue to win, unless Nico does, or if something weird happens, Seb, Max or Daniel. We refer to these guys as the greats of the sport. But I just don’t feel they are the same as Fernando or Michael or Ayrton. My point is that while they are certainly champions their performances otherwise are mostly midfield. But why is that never acknowledged? It is always “Oh well, McLaren has two champions…” as if Jenson was on par with Fernando because he won in 2009. I insist, nothing against Jenson, he is one of the most personable drivers, he is just not an Alonso who can squeeze every last bit out of a car.

    Anyway Joe, thanks for your words and I hope you get to read this (maybe even comment on it?). Enjoy your very well deserved winter break and happy holidays from San Diego, California. (Audience maybe, even if there are only two or three hard core F1 fans around?)

  34. Very sorry and commiserations on hearing about the death of your sister. Very nice comments about her on LBC Radio for the past hour or so.
    A brave and compassionate woman. We need more like her.
    All the best

  35. Sincere condolences. Jill Saward bravely waived her anonymity to selflessly speak out and campaign for rape victims. She did so much for so many despite her own trauma.

  36. Will there be one division among the teams in Formula 1 without Ecclestone? Will Formula 1 lose its route way without Ecclestone?
    How to conciliare selling of right of TV with the access the internet in Formula 1?
    What will happen to Formula 1 when the Pact of the Concord ends in 2020?
    How will Liberty Media distribute the Formula 1 money?
    Will Ferrari accept not to receive more Formula 1 money because of its historic importance within the category?
    EcoStar (internet transmission over the electric net) or WiMax (internet use for broadband data transmission): in which of the technologies will Diretv bet on, to harmonize the rights TV in Formula 1 with the internet?
    Respond when you can.
    No need to answer all the questions at once.
    Purpose of questions: clarification.
    Renato Monteiro
    Curitiba – Paraná

  37. Is it your opinion that there is a lack of investigative journalism within Formula 1? I always feel like the reporters cater to members of this sport instead of actually digging. It occurs to me that if a journalist isn’t suitably easy on a subject, future interviews might be out of the question which makes them tread lightly. There are exceptions of course but the journalists seem generally too agreeable. The only writer / interviewer who MIGHT show a canine (ever so slightly) is Eddie Jordan when he talks to Bernie.

  38. Hi Joe,
    Was sad to read that you are no longer doing the sidepodcast. What made these recordings worth the listen is the different points of view and different looks at F1 hence another side and insight into this fabulous sport plus they were more indepth than most articles, news stories and the dreadful F1 reporting on apo and internet, F1 mag usnt too bad but they dropped the scrutineer of which im still grumbling about. Mostly it gave me food for thought on topics I wouldn’t necessarily think about and gave my mind a stretch which I enjoy. Alas, all good things come to an end but perhaps you can find another parter to bring your opinion at least into a good long listen of more than the usual 3 or 4 min videos available.

  39. I just checked out a suspicion and hopefully have reached a correct conclusion.
    Bruce McLaren died when in command of McLaren. As far as I could check he is the last racing driver to die at the wheel of a McLaren. Ron has never allowed anything so uncouth during his years in command. Perish the thought!

      1. Thank you Nigel. I am always surprised that more drivers are not injured driving histories. Can you tell us where Ron fits into the picture on the M8 at that time please.

    1. Sorry about this, I don’t want it to drift in the direction of a challenge between readers on Joe’s super blog. My motivation is only that we cannot let Ron go without appreciating his high end engineering and the care shown for drivers lives. F1 at its best is an art form not a tournament. John Barnard made a massive contribution with the carbon tub. I am not sure that we admired him as we should. There were few more sublime sights than Stirling Moss in full flow but many other much praised drivers died unwisely. Senna never completed a race In a Williams totally our psyched by Michael. Dear old grey bearded Damon Hill took on the best of the best successfully. Too short a career In the best cars. The elder Villeneuve was wild and uncontrolled and sadly died for that.
      That is enough for now but should have placed the feline on Joe’s bird table. I need to wear chain mail if I dare post again.

  40. Good evening. Can I post the link to your FF story No 79 on the facebook page of a historic cars group to which I am am member? Thank you in advance.

  41. Hmm…I didn’t catch the comments under your previous blog. But I’m intrigued to know whether it was the hardcore GB news viewers/easily offended Brits who were outraged at your writing or the Verstappen stans who took it as a person assault that anyone could consider *that* event a racing incident. Either way, terrible week to be online in the F1 world. Purposely tried consuming little content yet the sheer hate, Vile abuse and yes that includes racist remarks was a painful read. Hate this new era which is becoming more tribal like old school football fans but often just armed with lacklustre “memes” and edgy comments to drive clicks/attention.

    1. It was one of the orange gang probably. I don’t care who he is, the moral compass is broken no matter what clothes he wears.

  42. Hi Joe, long time reader of the blog, across its different incarnations. Have you made a conscious decision to stop posting your news stories to the blog in favour of just the green notebooks (which are also excellent)? If so, where do you now output all of your excellently written news content? Is it in GP+ or are you featured in some other publication?

  43. HI Joe

    First of all thank you for all the years of fascinating stories
    Why I am writing is to ask if you know who and where the column is that is an ongoing story about “Formula One” politics featuring a protagonist likened to James Bond and based in London near the Embankment with 5 Penelope’s working for him?

    Thanking you

  44. I would love to hear about what is happening behind the scenes at Aston Martin and the Lawrence Stroll saga. Doesn’t seem we can get honest reporting on this anywhere. The insiders know what’s going on but don’t seem to be sharing with the public. There’s more to the story than we are getting.

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