Renault F1 to offer “Feel It” experiences

The Renault F1 Team has announced plans for what it calls a “Feel It Programme” which will allow participants the opportunity to “become a Grand Prix driver for the day”. The team plans to open its doors and gives fans the chance to experience laps in an F1 car. The event will take place at the Hungaroring circuit in Budapest and will feature a training programme that takes drivers from Formula Renault to F1 in just one day. It will include a ride in the team’s three-seater F1 car with one of the team’s reserve drivers. It will also give an insight into the other aspects of a driver’s work, attending engineers’ meetings, studying the telemetry, and even walking the track. The package will even include a physio. To learn more about the Feel It packages available, visit the Renault F1 Team’s website. It all costs €5,500 for the day – but what a day!

5 thoughts on “Renault F1 to offer “Feel It” experiences

  1. Cool idea, more ppl to get the bug:) The other teams should also do it, no doubt F1 teams got some pretty rich fans and it will be great corporate event.
    Only down is the pricing, it’s more than double the competition!

  2. …and the guy that you have to contact to book the experience is not in until tomorrow according to his out of office reply… doh!

  3. Renault have always been ahead of the other teams when it comes to fan experience. They were first to do the roadshows etc.

    This looks like an incredible experience.

  4. Bring along a sack of cash and presumably,you can emulate the careers of Kovaleinen, Petrov, Villenoov, Fisi etc and become the second driver.

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