Sauber signs Perez

Sauber has signed Sergio Perez to race for the team in 2011. The 20-year old Mexican driver will line up alongside Kamui Kobayashi. The team has also announced a partnership with Telmex, which will have “a significant presence on the Sauber Motorsport racing cars” from the start of next year.

“Sauber has been not only a very successful racing team but also a strong talent developer of some of the most recognized names in racing since their early stages as well as one of the most respected people in the sport,” says Telmex chairman Carlos Slim Donit. “Their decision of having Sergio with them is very significant on his career to become a top driver representing Mexico. For Telmex and our racing project Escuderia Telmex it’s a great step forward, and we feel very proud to be able to consolidate these years of work for having a Mexican driver in F1 with Sauber Motorsport.”

Peter Sauber says that his team is happy and proud to be in a relationship with the Mexican telecommunications company.

“Telmex is an outstanding company and represents a strong partner for our team,” he said.

Perez has been a member of Escuderia Telmex, which supports racing drivers in various categories, for a number of years. He finished second in this year’s GP2 Series, winning four races – including the prestigious championship round in Monaco – in the process. Sergio began his career in karting, where he won a total of five championships. He followed that up with two years in Formula BMW before moving on to the National Class of the British F3 International Series, where he won a still record 14 races. In 2008 he finished fourth in the International Class of the British F3 International Series. In GP2 Asia he became the series’ youngest race winner at the age of 18.

“Formula 1 is the dream of every young racing driver,” Perez ays. “And now this dream is about to come true for me. Although I’m very much aware that this is also a big challenge and responsibility, I’m happy to accept that and am proud to be representing my country in the highest category of motor racing. I would like to thank Peter Sauber for the faith he’s shown in me and I’ll do everything I can to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.”

19 thoughts on “Sauber signs Perez

  1. Sounds like great news for the boys at Hinwil!

    Does this mean Telmex are buying into the team or just sponsoring it, BTW?

  2. Mexican racing fans have been craving for a succesful driver for a while now. (including myself)
    Yes there’re very young talent driver such as Perez and Duran in Europe on the GP’s serials… but claiming a seat in F1 is something out of this world for me and lots of people in America.
    I wonder if the “old” USF1 wannabe team even considered talking with Carlos Slim (TELMEX owner) about sponsorship
    If they did, I’m sure he didn’t wanted to start from zero and that is when the Sauber-Telmex allianze makes all sense.

  3. I assume that’s Sauber pretty well sorted for 2011, be very interesting to see how the guy performs, well done Peter ! Where does that leave Torro Rosso? and btw great blog Joe keep those insights coming.

  4. Slim was reported to have been interested in the Honda pull out at some point.

    Likewise, I’m thrilled to have a Mexican driver on the grid.

    Next season will surely be just as thrilling as 2010.

  5. Good news, talent and money into F1.

    Hope he does well, where will quick Nick go now? I assume he is hoping now for MSC to call it a day either at the end of this season or maybe into next should he not perform in the car.


  6. In related news, Joe: Is there any news about an F1 race in Mexico? I know some years ago there were quite concrete rumours about a track in Cancun, but that seems to have gone very quiet…

  7. So assuming that Sutil is in demand and goes somewhere else, Mercedes, Renault — can’t see it myself, but still — and Paul di Resta is in one Force India seat, who does that leave in the other? Liuzzi has surely been too inconsistent to get another crack at it.

    Does Karun Chandhok have a chance? (Although surely Christian Klien’s party trick of going 1.2 seconds faster than Senna in the HRT doesn’t look particularly good on Chandhok either, who was basically matching lap times with Senna up until Silverstone…)

  8. Its amazing that its been so long since the last Mexican driver in F1 (1981)!

    A pity for Nick and Pedro though.

  9. Great to see Sauber get some serious backing and great to see someone with someserious financial muscle backing a decent driver rather than some no hoper.

  10. So the price of sponsorship is their boy in the car. Not sure that Kamui is a great developer of a car yet. So they’ll have more money but a slower car. Hmmmm.

  11. I am excited to have a driver from MX, if for no other reason that it may spurn some interest in F1 in the US, particularly in Texas, the new home of the USGP.

  12. @ Rubbergoat: Good news indeed for the Hinwil Massive! Telmex are sponsoring the team, Peter Sauber still has 100% ownership of the team.

  13. @joesaward
    with the sauber seat gone for Heidfeld next year, do you think that there are any chances left for Heidi?

    He might have had a few Pirelli tests but the finalisation of the tyres is still to be done and the weight balance for next year is widely fixed afaik. I don’t think anybody really cares about his Pirelli knowledge. You want a driver package that can quickly analyze the new tyres in Dubai. Heidfeld might not be the right guy for that.

    I think the talk of Renault is rubbish and Force India already got its german guy ^^ Maybe maybe he “could” score a Lotus seat. What’s your take on this?

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