On the road again

We are on the road to Monaco today. There was a time when I used to stay in the small family- run hotels in Monaco. As time went on these became more and more expensive and many F1 folk who did not NEED to be in Monaco itself moved out to cheaper places in France. There are some many wonderful places on this coast that this was not any great pain. After those prices inflated to silly levels as well, I decided to look into rentals and these days I rent places for the week of the Grand Prix – these run from Saturday to Saturday and so one has to negotiate an extra night but one can find lovely places, such as the lemon grove we had last year in Eze, a place with a heavenly view. But there are disadvantages in such places and in search of more practicality this year we looked instead in Beaulieu sur Mer, where they have shops and other such advantages.

If one rents for a week, one is faced with having a place empty for four days or using it and enjoying the Cote d’Azur. That is not a hard choice as one can take the wife with you and have a mini working holiday, with a little sunshine, a market perhaps and even a dinner for F1 mates not in a hotel or restaurant. It’s different and very enjoyable. So we set off yesterday morning and have just spent the night near Lyon, most far from the site of the 1914 Grand Prix de l’ACF, which ironically was dominated by Mercedes. A 1-2-3 in fact. Plus ca change…

Now it is onward to the south.

17 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. I don’t wish to sound sycophantic but I do always enjoy the little Monaco stories Jo – a kind of mini travel guide. Was it two or three years ago that you got trapped by the Brit tourists car jammed between two walls as I recall? A picture worth republishing while you’re doing the Monaco mini holiday guide.

  2. Yes it is a tough job Joe but you drew the short straw so you will just have to soldier on, chin mate we are behind you.

  3. Ah yes, ’tis your reward for flying off to less-enjoyable events. Like Nik above, I also enjoy your writing about the travels, the very recent post about driving from Barcelona back to Paris made me think you can’t go anywhere in France without stubbing your toe on F1 history. Have a great time!

  4. On my first visit to the Monaco GP some 50 years ago I stayed at Beaulieu Sur Mer at a small pension. The proprietor asked me in French when I was booking the room to write to him in French to confirm the booking and whilst there would only converse in French. Some sort of punishment to do with the war I thought at the time, as he spoke English well. However an excellent place to stay for the GP

    In those days one could wander through the pits within touching distance of the cars, and whilst walking around you could just as likely bump into Graham Hill and others having a coffee in the Tip Top cafe just before Mirabeau

    1. I’ve been to Monaco twice, and while the circuit is just great, with such a feeling of history around the whole place, I have to say that i could not find a good reason to live there if i could afford too. It is such a naff place for poseurs and such like. Circuit 11/10, counrty 1/10!!

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