Feeling weary…

The Internet is a great thing, an astonishing tool for the human race, but there are inevitably downsides because while the Web gives a voice to many who deserve that chance, some of these voices do not warrant any exposure. The Internet is filled with frauds and snake-oil salesmen, all pretending to be things that they are not. How can we know what is real and what is not when F1 insider columns are written by people who have never been inside an F1 paddock? How do we know who to trust when anyone can hide behind a pseudonym and a false e-mail address? Very often I find that perfectly normal people have doppelgängers when it comes to the Internet and they behave with astonishing rudeness when their identities are protected. They seem to believe that they are experts because they have watched a race on TV or read someone else’s opinions on the Internet. Often the arrogance is astonishing.

I admit that sometimes my replies may appear to be brusque, but when one considers the number of comments I am dealing with each day, it is inevitable that there is not sufficient time to write a sonnet to each and every commenter. Others feel that it is nasty of me to disagree with their opinions and accuse me of arrogance if I challenge their views. Yesterday, as I was reading through all the comments that had collected, I felt a very profound weariness at the gracelessness and the ingratitude of so many of these people. Normally, I do not let such things affect me, but perhaps it was the lack of sleep of a Grand Prix weekend, perhaps it was the sense of deflation of getting back to the coalface after a great holiday. It may even have been a reaction to the mess that the sport has got itself into and I am sure part of it was because of what happened to Justin Wilson, one of the good guys, but I found myself completely demotivated and just about ready to turn off the blog comments. Comments do not come as some divine right for a blog reader, but rather as a gift and I marvel at how and why some people think that this gives them the right to be so thoroughly offensive.

I write this blog and allow comments because I want to amuse and inform F1 fans. I want to share my passion for the sport with them and to attract more people to join the throng. There are many people in Formula 1 who think I am crazy to try to engage with the fans, when it takes so much time and I get nothing from it. Sometimes I think they are right and ponder switching off the comments and leading a less stressful life. But I keep coming back because I believe that we – as an industry – should engage with the fans, and that one should always lead by example.

However, there are blog rules, although no-one seems to pay much attention to them. So, here they are again, as a reminder. Please abide by them because my patience (which is legendary in F1 circles) is frayed and I am currently trigger-happy when it comes to banning anyone who steps over the line.

Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog is not a traditional news source. The aim is to amuse and inform about the complex world of Formula 1 motor racing. Some do not understand what the word “blog” means. It is not a traditional new source, but rather a personal website in which I record my opinions about the world of F1, or anything else I care to include. I am happy to allow people to air their opinions in comments, as long as this is done in a respectful fashion. You must remember that it is not a right. You are, in effect, a guest in my house so being abusive and rude about me or others is not acceptable and such comments will be deleted and the author stopped from making further comments. A good rule of thumb when writing a comment is to question whether you would say such a thing to someone’s face…

I would also appreciate if people do not post links as I am not an advertising service for other websites and I will delete such links in almost all cases.

122 thoughts on “Feeling weary…

  1. Agree completely Joe, don’t give up, my wife also uses WordPress for a blog/website and recieves only good supportive comments. Sadly must be something to do with F1 ‘fans’. 😦

  2. Joe, I for one thoroughly love reading your blog. I have been an F1 fan for the last 40+ years. It is really the only sport I follow passionately.
    Being from the US. I really appreciate the bogs about life in F1 and about your travels around Europe. Remember there are people like me out there who really enjoy what you write. It is too bad that people feel like they can make any kind of comment they want with no repercussions. Would they say these things to your face? Most would not.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Fantastic article, Joe. It’s exactly what I think and you expressed in the best way what I’m suffering with my blog and website since some time with arrogant people that pretended to judge every aspect of racing and call themselves “insider” but have never entered in a F1 paddock. Hope to see you in Monza. Alberto

  4. Love your work Joe. Always look forward to my Saturday morning joeblogsf1 catchup. Insightful, measured and skillfully written. Thank you and please keep going!

  5. Don’t be let down by internet trolls Joe. Your insight od the sport is priceless for the people who really care. I can imagine it has to be hard dealing with these kind of people but you are intelligent enough to try to ignore them.

  6. In Australia there is a debate about whether freedom of speech includes the the right to be a bigot. Perhaps it should also be extended to commenting on this blog.

    Keep up the great work and looking forward to kicking the tin for next year’s GP+ subscription.

  7. Hang in there, Joe! You remain the best in the business; honest, caring & passionate about the sport that I have a great interest in as so many others do!!
    It is a tough world but you give many of us a sense of balance (and occasional humour) that is much appreciated. Thanks!

  8. We feel for you in this appalling day and age of arrogance and the right to insult as one pleases. Your old school ways must never die, great work and I for one really enjoy your ripping yarn style that evokes such a passion in those of us who love the sport.

  9. I’m only a small-time blogger but I get similar feedback and it depends on the environment as well. For example, I was writing a fun little post about a famous photo of Sir Stirling Moss and model Jacqui Ainsley, shared it on Reddit as well. I got mostly negative comments there, I was boo’d off at each of my comments and the next time I noticed, Will Buxton shared my post on Twitter what a fun morning reading mine was.

  10. Joe, There are a lot of people out here that don’t often comment and really appreciate your blog. So please don’t stop because I’m sure we well outnumber the idiots. The quality of your writing, your passion and knowledge is why we visit. Also your commenters are usually so much better than the other sites which adds to the enjoyment. And please don’t stop being brusque either.

    1. Joe, I agree with JB.
      I need to be amused and informed and although I do not comment often, I am always informed by the blog and often amused at some of the daft comments made. Yes you can be brusque but hey its your blog and we all have the icon in the top corner to click and leave if we want.
      I am down with the current state of the sport, the recent losses with Justin and Ligier, plane crashes, the nights drawing in etc but a daily dose of Saward is a tonic, please appreciate the number of us out here who selfishly take but do not contribute and please keep it up.

      1. “selfishly take but do not contribute “… May I suggest you sign up to GP+ & contribute! It’s a great read.

  11. I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will express support, Joe, but I thoroughly enjoy your blog and would do so without the comments as well. That said, you tend to include the best snippets of information in your replies to commenters rather than the main articles – making it even more fun to try to unearth them. I also appreciate your candour and above all your level headed attitude in a sport that sometimes seems to consist only of screaming operette divas.

    It always puzzles me that some people seem to want to inflate the drama whereas I, probably most of your true readership and – from what I can gather – you as well like to cut through said drama and get to some kind of truth. I suppose that’s two different kinds of dealing with the world.

    Lastly, the fact that you are about the only one connecting with F1 fans (James Allen tries to do the same thing in a more incorporated matter) should elicit two reactions from the F1 community: a feeling of deep, deep shame and the issuing of the Formula One Medal of Honour to your good self. As I said earlier, there are different kinds of fans who need to be related to in different ways, but engaging the fans who want to know more about the sport, beyond the drama and relationship gossip, creates a far more stable fan base and is therefore incredibly important for F1 to survive. Every entity needs its “evangelists” (just look at Apple fans) able to tell interesting stories beyond the headlines. You provide these stories where virtually nobody else in F1 will.

    So thank you.

  12. I realise that some people have to try and spoil everything, but this blog is a truly valuable resource, I always aim to post in a courteous way and find it refreshing that you may disagree with my point of view.

    Be assured, if you ever have any issue with anything I have written I can be found as a real Richard Stephenson in Sherburn in Elmet near Leeds. We can discuss any issues in person the next time you are passing!

  13. Joe I read every article but very rarely comment, as everyone seems to have my thoughts already covered one way or another. But I’d like to say thank you for the blog (and GP+ which I started this year and greatly enjoy). Although the minority may get you down, there may well be a silent majority who enjoy not only your writings but also the comments from others, I hope you keep it up as this is a great forum for F1 fans. But if they don’t play by the rules block them! 😉

  14. c’est une comparaison que j’utilise “la maison et invité”, derrière un clavier tout se permet, ce qui ne devrait pas être, les gens doivent se comporter en invité et respecter. Non, rien n’en permis sauf l’éducation donnée à la naissance et le respect.

  15. Hi Joe,

    First of all thank you for your great work, I’ve been subscribed to GP+ for 3 years now.
    When posting a comment, I try to keep the blog rules in the back of my head.
    Sometimes I do feel my points are not always getting across as intended, but alas, I can’t possibly ask for more of your time to consider them, since you have so many posts to handle. Nuancing and internet comments seldom go hand in hand.

    I’ve been looking for a decent F1 forum, on and off, for some years now (and have recently found one that seems -currently- to be populated by “normal” people).

    There is certainly a desire amongst fans to discuss F1 and your platform offers a small, yet valuable opportunity for it, for which I am thanktful.

    It is rare to find an online community were people behave, respect each other and provide quality input. One could impose a rating system, to rate a poster’s overall quality, but it seems the trolls just have too much time and mess up that system.

    I hope the internet one day grows up and finds solutions to have fans interact in a in-depth way, with only quality posters. It’s just annoying to have to weed through 80% fan-boyism, when one wants to discuss all the elements to, say, Vettel’s blown tyre. People just judge so fast, without taking into account more then 2 arguments.

    We all share your frustration at the internet trolling, but please, rest assured many more people out there are enjoying your blog thoroughly, even if they are not always the most vocal ones.

    I know you say the trolling usually doesn’t get to you, but it’s only human to not always be able to move the negativity aside. So please accept my (and the ones before and after me) thankful and positive comment to balance out the negativity. You’re doing a good job and we appreciate it!

  16. Well said Joe, I used to feel exactly the same way when I started Crash all those years ago, used to take each comment to heart and replied to almost all of them. I realised after several frustrating years that it was a losing battle and switched it off completely, in my heart I still wanted to continue the dialogue but my head and my health said otherwise. Your Blog and news feed is one of the best on the web, and as for GP+, it is a work of considerable dedication, skill and most of all passion, which you, DT and Peter should be commended on, your commitment is breathtaking. Don’t give up the day job, but do find time to chill out, take a break and recharge those batteries. If you can weed out the inane and odious individuals who have no right or qualification to respond in such offensive and demoralising tones, then even better, otherwise just educate as you are doing and use the power of the internet for the good not bad.

  17. I agree with you.

    There are too many people about who consider they have a divine right when they do not agree with an expressed view to use the internet to excessively disagree by making abusive personal comments.

    Whilst this shows them up it is not nice to be on the receiving end – especially since if one retaliates there is the risk of lowering oneself to their low level.

    Not that long ago I was disappointed you did not pass comment on something I posted but c’est la vie.

  18. In a sea of uninformed gossip your blog is a beacon of light, Joe – please don’t let those who don’t understand the meaning of the word credibility distract you.

  19. Looking at some of the comments across the few blogs I regularly read I find myself wondering if someone has invented a ‘trollbot’ which just searches out places to comment and makes rude, negative and contrary comments! The lack of critical thinking or any kind of knowledge displayed by some of the (usually ruder) commenters make me wonder if there is any intelligence behind them at all.

    I think the internet has fostered the (mistaken) impression that everyone’s opinions are equally valid, whether the commenter actually knows anything about the subject or not. I’m all for free speech but there is a difference between ‘signal’ and ‘noise’ – the latter of which is what it appears to me to constitute the majority of content of the internet!

    Joe, I would like to believe that the overwhelming majority of people reading your blog are positive, informed and knowlwedgeable about F1 and support your view (whilst not necessarily agreeing of course!) so don’t let the trolls get you down! Pehaps you could start marketing T shirts with that on? Keep up the good work.

  20. 🏁🙏🙏😭😭😫😫😫😫😟😟😟😟😭😭😭😭😭😭😟😟😟😫😫😫🙏🙏🏁

    Dear Jo,

    Your blog is informative and funny..i read all your articles with my breakfast.
    Trolls are trolls, and we will always find them re hashing something someone else has said, not actually knowing anything themselves. But healthy debate is good.
    I would read and follow your column, whatever you decided to do, as long as you let me of course.

    Kind regards


  21. Thanks for taking the time to reply in the comments sections Joe, and leaving them on! You often let a lot of very interesting nuggets out in the comments that aren’t in the main story.

  22. Joe

    I missed your writing during the break almost as much as the racing. Please do not give up although I think some of the comments you received would make me want to. I was stunned by the lack of courtesy of some of the comments.

    I have been watching Grand Prix Racing for over 50 years and I am thoroughly enjoying this year. Your blog enhances that with its eminent good sense and good writing that enhances that enjoyment.


  23. Hi Joe, I have never posted on your blog before today. I just wanted to say that I throughly enjoy your blog and I am guessing that like most others who do, none of us would miss the rude posts that get sent if you were to ban these people.
    F1 seems to bring out the worst in some people, I gave up reading the Guardians comments section as quite a few of the comments were so rabid.

  24. I have always been amazed by your patience with some of the commenters. Your blog and GP+ work together as a central part of the F1 world as we outsiders know it, and most of us are enormously grateful for this access. The idea of restricting comments to GP+ subscribers has been shouted down in the past, though it has always seemed quite sensible to me. As a compromise it was once suggested that you might bar anonymous (or pseudonymous) comments: if people had to register with a name and address, and post under their own forename and surname, maybe it would help? Whatever you decide to do, please keep up the great work.

  25. A personal view, but I come here to read Joe Sawards’ news and views,
    and his replies to others comments. The rude people spoil the blog, and i am amazed that JS doesn’t just delete them. If there is a way to block them even coning ‘in’ then all the better.

  26. Thank you for the blog, and for GP+. I work in the software industry so deal with my fair share of trolls, so I know exactly the emotions you are going through – I have been in the position where I’ve turned off comment on various things because it got nasty.

    There will always be nastiness on the internet – there will always be on a free medium – but what you have done is cracked into the secret of maintaining a decent blog and comments section, and that’s build a community. I always scan through the comments and see the same names and the same people – I would like to think that for every troll, there’s at least 10 other guys and gals who are respectful and even every now and then, insightful (I said now and then)…

    In summary – don’t let the b*stards get you down. We all appreciated what you do – we are really fans who know your credentials, respect your views and know how to disagree with each other (respectfully)!

  27. Keep up the good work, Joe. Your blog is very much appreciated and, as you know, like you I don’t feel the need to hide behind a pseudonym.

  28. Dear Joe,
    thank you for this blog, the Grandprix website, the GP+ magazine; they are the first and almost only reading I have on the sport I love for over 50 years now.
    I was likewise very upset yesterday when I read some reaction to your post on Vettel/Pirelli: don’t let those arrogant people take control.

    Mon espoir est d’avoir un jour la chance de te serrer la main et de te dire merci pour tout ce que tu nous apportes à nous les vrais fans !

    Thank you, sir.

  29. Seeing a lot of those brusque and rude comments accumulate over the last years on the blog I am actually surprised that you haven’t already disabled that particularly function already. I wouldn’t mind if you did. It seems to me that 80% of those comments have caused you much hurt and angriness at the least and I find them highly irritating as well. I like it when somebody asks a relevant question you give us you insight, that way the reader feels that he or she is directly “connected” to the world of F1, but the stupid, ignorant and hurtful comments really need to stop as it is poison to this great inside blog.

    Joe, you immediately cut out all the nonsense one can read all over the net and you add an insight that you don’t find anywhere. I personally enjoy this blog very much and have enjoyed it for many years, I use it as one of the primary reliable news source concerning F1.

    I’ve been wanting to mention this for a while now and this seems like the right time to say that your efforts are appreciated by many people and I sincerely hope you will keep it going, with or without those comments!

    Thank you Joe!

  30. Hi Joe, I love your blog, I truly appreciate the effort you sincerely put in .
    I am taking a break from work for a few months.I plan to subscribe to GP+ lots of time to read through all of the great stuff .
    I also hope to be at the singapore gp this year. My first f1 GP .. fingers crossed . 🙂 .

  31. Please please please… Turn off the comments long before you stop blogging.
    It’s the 21st century equivalent to the “old days” of phoning in to the local radio station to express your opinion, except that it’s more accessible now. I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like it!

  32. Joe, I don’t normally comment on here, but I do read every article, as I really appreciate the insight you provide into the world of F1. I just wanted you to know that there are a lot of people like me, who really appreciate the time you put in to the blog.

  33. I agree wholeheartedly with you especially about being a guest in your house. The ability to submit comments is a privilege granted by the writer and not, as so many people seem to think, an inalienable right. Which why I prefer not to use a nickname, I won’t post anything I wouldn’t say face to face. (If you can’t say it face to face it probably shouldn’t be said, it is just good manners.)

  34. Unfortunately Joe with BBC News often linking to your stories in their F1 Gossip section you will occasionally get the morons you usually find lurking in the BBC comments section flaming every single story written, getting into pro and anti driver hysteria and providing expert racing insight based on their karting experiences on Stag weekends.

    Keep up the good work though. Most of us appreciate the work you are doing.

  35. Joe, your Brusque replies are part of the site, they usually bring a smile to my face, keep up the great work.

    1. I agree. I’ve laughed myself silly at a few. People can have a 300 word rant to be shot down in flames by a two word “I disagree” from joe! He he

    2. Your concise replies put some of the more deranged / partisan comments into context.
      You might like this from George Carlin,

      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  36. Frankly Joe, whilst I value your continued engagement with the fans, comment sections all over the net are full of “know it all” trolls and “keyboard warriors”. I personally support your turning off of the comments as I know I would not stand for it. And, this isn’t the first time idiotic comments have rocked this blog boat. I have read your blog for many years and always return, as your writing, inside view and thoughtful obituaries are and continue to be a delight to read. Long live the blog, death to the comments section! (so you can enjoy it more!)


  37. Joe,

    As many others I am a reader and not commenting on many posts. I come to your blog a couple times a day to check if there is any new, real news. I like your opinion on things and would miss it if you would stop.

    It makes me sad that so many people think they have the right to abuse you in their comments. I hope you continue with your blog for many years to come. Quality will always conquer quantity!

    Maybe it is time to stop unregistered guests being able to comment on your articles. That saves you a lot of time i presume! I hope this option is available in WordPress.

    PS. Have you heard something from the Mole lately? I hope he is okay and starts writing again soon.

  38. Joe, as with many of the above posters, I read every single blog post. Often I don’t feel the need to comment as your posts invariably give me all I need to know. It’s a shame there are no “like” or “dislike” buttons on the comments as these might actually save people making comments themselves. That’s not your fault, of course.

    I’m truly saddened by how rude some people really are; it’s quite possible to disagree with an opinion without being rude, but anyway surely people shouldn’t be coming here looking for an argument, but to be informed.

    Keep deleting the trolls, but most importantly, please keep this blog going!

    Best Wishes

  39. I feel like we’ve been here before, Joe. I only hope that you can see that there is a large portion of us who read this blog with much gratitude towards the dedication of time and effort you put into it. I hope that with the little time you have to engage with the comments, you’re able to focus on the constructive majority and not the destructive minority. I know it’s not easy to take a blind eye on all the filth that filters through the web. But in the tired times, just remember that a great many of us are thankful to be able to come here and gain insights from someone who has a rich understanding of the sport and is willing to share thoughts and opinions freely.

  40. Dear Joe,

    You’re old enough / wise enough to understand the world has a fair percentage of idiots floating around. You also have a blog in which comments are open. Therefore to complain when some of these idiots eventually find their way onto your comments page is naive at best. It was always going to happen.

    If you’re going to close comments then do so. No need to rehearse the argument. If you’re going to keep comments open then perhaps you need to develop a backbone of steel.

    What I find surprising is that you bother to post comments which are offensive / derogatory / overly personal. It’s simple, either publish and let them reveal themselves to be the fools they are or don’t publish and deny those individuals the exposure they they seek. But don’t complain about the personal attacks if you do choose to publish – you had an alternative course of action available to you.

    You produce an interesting blog about the ‘ins and outs’ of F1. I disagree with a fair percentage of what you write yet I rarely feed the need to argue the point with you. You have your opinions, I have mine. And there the matter (usually) rests. If you choose to close comments that’s fine by me. Ditto with keeping them open. I read for your opinions not those of the baying masses. You would do well to remember this.

  41. Hi Joe, I know it’s easy for me to say but don’t let the negative comments get you down too much. It’s your blog, your house. Some people won’t respect that but they never will. When you are weary, don’t read comments. If you stop, I think you’ll regret it in the long run.

  42. Joe,

    I absolute love your blog. I always enjoy reading it and hearing your views, not that I always agree but I do 100% respect them. I wish all others here were the same.

    Joe, have you any idea how many people read your blog?

    I get the feeling the numbers are constantly growing…..

  43. Make people register to comment joe. It would cut in half the amount of head bins. Its as you say, Internet wide. When people think they are unidentifiable they are pretty nasty. Humans in general are pretty horrid creatures. Tony Blair and Adolf Hitler are good examples……

  44. Joe, I always enjoy reading your blogs. Sit down, pour yourself a good size malt and relax, you give so many people an insight of the reality which is F1 and much of Motor sport….Have another and Slainte

  45. I rarely comment but I read every post and appreciate and admire your efforts by maintaining this blog when – as other “people in Formula 1” rightly say, you don’t gain personally from it and, I’m sure, have other things to be getting on with. If the comments become too much, I’d rather see you disable them than give up on the blog entirely, because without you there would be no one offering this kind of perspective on the sport we all love and we’d be left (largely) with the mainstream media, which would be tragic! So, a big thumbs up from me!

    I would add that I rarely post comments (and, increasingly, even read them) because although there are fans’ opinions that I am keen hear and interesting discussions to be had – even if I disagree! – comments on the internet (generally, not just here) tend to descend into slanging matches, plus there are many fans’ opinions I really couldn’t care less about (sorry people – I’m sure many would really agree with me!?). I come here for YOUR opinions and information. I also think that – and this is just my opinion, I’m not meaning to offend – that you’re probably better off ignoring comments and just not responding to them at all, if you don’t really have anything to add or don’t wish to develop the discussion further, rather than being “brusque” as you say. I often find these kinds of comments from you off-putting and it does make me less likely to participate. Just ignore ‘em and move on, I say! Save your time and energy and only comment on those that warrant furthering a discussion? Just my two-penneth anyway!

    Keep up the good work Joe!

  46. Hi Joe – my views are similar to those of Kelly Downey except I’m Canadian and have been following the sport for 50 years. I’ve never found you arrogant and in fact enjoy your bisque replies to stupid comments. Sometimes a good bitch slapping is needed.

    btw I thoroughly enjoy your travelogue posts. Reminds me of similar articles by Henry Manney in “Road & Track” that I loved. Thanks.

  47. Joe,
    I’ll reiterate my opinion once more: no matter how much a few carelessly treat you, don’t let it wear you down. Let’s hope they’ll stop.
    When I want to have an insider’s view about a topic in F1, I turn to you. There is nobody else that I know of who provides the same depth of insight. I’m grateful to you, man !

  48. How about free to read but to comment you must be a member, A bit like the FIA and its control of officials. This format is used by several other blogs and indeed newspaper/media sites.
    A JoeS licence would be on a par with the FIA superlicence which all must have according to the regs and code.
    The membership could be free or chargeable. As you well know WordPress has the facility to ban via name, email or IP address which would stop many assuming a new name and …….

    Or GP+ subscribers only, OR a direct subs, I would pay maybe a fiver a month.

  49. I’m one of the silent majority who look forward to reading your blog, and eagerly opens email notifications to see what the news is. I work in a job that seems very open to criticism from all quarters, and it’s hard to be immune to it sometimes, even when I remember that the vast majority of people I’m working with or for are probably very happy with what I’m doing. I often wish I could be as brusque as you are to my naysayers though!

    Switch off the comments if you need to, or restrict them to GP+ subscribers if that possible, but please don’t be put off writing your opinions on your blog.

    You’re doing a great job – keep going! 🙂

  50. Checking your blog is part and parcel of my daily routine. I do so because there simply is no better way to understand the world of F1; in particular, what lies behind the decisions that are made in that world. Keep up the good work, Joe. You truly are appreciated for for what you do.

  51. Don’t stop , Joe .
    I come here first for my F1 look in every morning .
    You give me the real news , before I glance across the fluff .

    And , those wonderfully brusque comments of yours help greatly to sort out exactly what is fluff and what is not .

    I guess we have to assume that there are a few that don’t make the moderation cut because they are too far over the top , so , remember that we who are devotees don’t see them , and maybe can’t quite understand all you put up with daily .

    As some others have mentioned , many times very interesting nuance comes from your banter with us .

    If I might be so bold , may I ask if there is a way that the comments might be numbered , so a guy like myself might find where he left off in the comments , as I read every one .

  52. Joe
    You’ve said this before, about being exasperated by the ignorant, rude posters whose opinions are so important (to them) that they have to share them with total strangers, as well as yourself.
    I realise that is very wearing to take the time, but can these posts be deleted (moderated) at source, so that idiots do not get the satisfaction of appearing in print – thereby not servicing their egos?
    Perhaps they would then Foxtrot Oscar & look for satisfaction elsewhere.

  53. Just wondering if my recent critical comment about a journalist who planted a completely false story in the italian press lumps me among the ‘troll’ brigade?

    As I am never obnoxiously rude on a personal level, then I guess not.

    We all appreciate the offer to engage, and I’m sure Joe would be bored stiff if we all fawned and never had an opinion that varied on some subjects. Hey, why do I feel guilty without cause 🙂 🙂 ?

  54. Keep it up Joe, when you are interacting with a large group of people / public unwelcome comments are an unfortunate byproduct. I’m not saying that’s right or you should put up with the abuse but it does help to let steam off from time to time.
    PS When are you stepping up to the FIA Presidency?

  55. Joe, it’s a massive shame that you seem to end up feeling like this at least once a year. The trolls never seem to learn.

    I’ve been reading this blog for about four years now, and love being allowed to stroll through your public reception room on a daily basis. Please don’t stop.

    Actually, I’m with the crowd that would like to see registrations being required to comment, even to the degree of paying an annual fee … a GP+ subscription seems a logical hook too. (I certainly regretted not being able to subscribe last year, and I’m glad to be back in the club this year)

  56. Hi Joe,
    I never post a comment on your blog but I do enjoy reading it, and consider it a valuable source of information. Please don’t stop, and thank you for your efforts. They are much appreciated by me and many others I’m sure.

  57. Hi Joe Illegitimi non carborundum as they used to say around Monza and Vallelunga a couple of millennia ago. Please keep informing, entertaining and thought-provoking us.

  58. Hang in there Joe, it would be a loss to have comments turned off. Maybe you could publish a compendium of the rudest comments, for the amusement of the rest of us.

  59. I haven’t missed a post of yours for over 10 years now. I am grateful for your thoughtful insights. You being exasperated about the comments is not a new thing, turn them off. Just turn them off. I will continue to read everything you say and continue to enjoy your insight without any loss of experience. Turn off the comments for your own sanity. We the readers will continue to read and be happy. turn off the comments.

  60. Joe,

    Is there a service that can help moderate comments that is adorable. I am a Luddite when it comes to such things but perhaps there is a middle ground solution?

    Keep up the great work. Thank you for commenting on Justin’s death. It’s a heartbreaker.


    t ________________________________

  61. I’m reading your blog because sometimes I find interesting information here, but why you delete messages with “uncomfortable” remarks (questions)? You have nothing to answer?

  62. Hey Joe,

    As an F1 fan I must say, and I’m not blowing smoke here, that yours is the only F1 blog that I read.

    Your insight is unbiased and it’s nice for us fans to get replies on our comments as your feedback provides further insight into a world in which we wouldn’t normally be allowed access to.

    Trolls are sadly a part of the internet age, they feel the need to ruin perfectly good conversation and debate with their rude comments and snarky remarks.

    As an avid reader I would ask that you do not allow the idiocy of the few to ruin the blog for the majority… we appreciate the work you do and the responses you provide.

    Keep up the good work Mr Saward!

  63. Well I love your blog and follow it avidly. I love your erudition and perfect grammar as well as your inside view on events. Long may it continue

  64. Hi Joe

    I can only agree with the comments made by adz87, I rely on your blog to keep me informed.

    I have followed Formula 1 for the last 55 years or so and I am always amazed with the depth of your VERY broad knowledge base.

    Please do not discontinue your blog.


    PS can you not ‘disconnect’ those who give you grief?

      1. Joe, I hope you do not discontinuing the comments as many are informative and add to your blog. But I do also see your reasoning and will understand if it happens.

        So often in life it the few that spoil it for the many!

      2. Be a shame if you did discontinue the comments Joe, although I’d understand your reasons.

        Would you ever consider switching to a paid blog? For example charging readers a nominal sum, such as £5 a year, to access and comment on the blog.

        That would keep the idiots out and keep the loyal readers, who comment and discuss in a mature manner, on the blog and up to date with your news and views.

        Just an idea, I know that I for one would pay such a nominal fee to access and converse on the blog.

      3. I think you should do an experiment and discontinue the comments for a quarter, then compare the traffic with previous quarters, and if you enable commenting again, we can assume people being able to post/read their/others opinions in whatever fashion they do so is a big reason why they visit this site.

        If the comments never come back, we can assume that there is no difference in the amount of traffic this blog gets, so no need for you to deal with the “PITA” comments of nasty f1 fans.

  65. Very well said Joe. As for myself, I agree with your statements and views 75% of the time. I respect them 100% of the time. It’s because of your blog that I subscribe to your magazine and also purchased one of your books. I appreciate your blog and honestly, I look forward to reading it on my iPhone every day when I wake up, before I fall out of bed. As for those who read your blog and don’t subscribe to your magazine, I consider those people leaches and honestly, they are missing out on an incredible publication. As for those who are rude and disrespectful, throw them the phuck out.

  66. Hello Joe, I enjoy your blog and the insight. I also do not take anything personal when you respond or don’t…..

  67. Hi Joe,

    Just want to add my voice to the chorus of general approval that this particular blog post has engendered. As an infrequent commenter but an avid reader, I like many others here truly appreciate what you provide for our benefit.

    As has been said many times above, the majority of us will support whatever decision you come to. Thank you for taking the time, regardless.

  68. Joe I’m sure that it can only be a small minority who don’t appreciate the value and pleasure that your blog gives the rest of us. Please keep up the great work and simply bar the few who are offensive.

  69. Hey Joe, I really like the blog, mostly because I have always liked your writing style, from way back when in the mists of time when you did F3 amongst other stuff…and of course Globetrotter….did you think that name up after seeing so many trucks on the continent with that moniker on them?
    Anyway, I don’t always agree with your view of modern F1, and principally because I don’t think a sport is sustainable if everything is concentrated at the top of the pyramid, which was not always the case…also, fans have to be developed at the grassroots and brought up to the pinnacles, without a love of all motorsports, one just end sup with Fanboys and they are damn irritating!!

    However, your blog is great, and I read it daily, sometimes I sound off on it, but only when I get riled about something, and that isn’t usually something that you’ve said….at the same time, I stay polite just as long as others here treat me the same way, and I don’t see why people feel the need to hide their ID, I don’t and am happy for others to know that I’m real and not some troll!

    Keep up the good work, and the historic bits are something I really like…..on that point, in a pretty dire week, it was also sad to hear of Phil Kerr passing away. When I was a kid the Oz/Kiwi factions in the sport were bigtime and worked damned hard to be successful….save for Amon who had an abundance of natural talent, but didn’t seem to work hard at putting it in focus enough….but all of the guys from the other side of the planet, were great characters and hard working enthusiasts in their own right…..R.I.P Phil, at least he lived out a decent span of life, and helped create a magic team in McLaren.

  70. Well we all can disagree sometimes aslong its kept respectfull, if people can not be respectful then i fully agree joe and switching off the comments section.

    But i love the well informed comments here so i hope you don’t let the trolls get to you.

    Off topic joe but i wonderd, you are living in france for sometime now(correct me if im wrong) and for my study i probably have to relocate to france. My question is: wich part would be better living? The north or the south? i hope you can give me some insider information:)

      1. Ah great joe. Was my first choice aswell. Somehow i always believed that you lived in the middel/south. Confused you with somebody else then.

  71. Dear Joe, all
    Joe, I first ‘discovered’ you when you did an f1 column in an Australian motor racing publication, cannot recall if it was the 80s or the 90s. It became the first thing I read, every issue, and, when your column ceased, without any explanation, it was the beginning of a long downhill slide for said publication.
    I don’t know how many years I have been following your blog, nor how I stumbled upon it, but, I DO recall very clearly the feeling of delight that I could once again enjoy your writing, and appreciate the integrity & honesty of the person at the keyboard.
    I would also be quite happy to pay an additional £5 per annum for the privelige of posting comments.
    I worked as a Mental Health Nurse for 3 decades, Joe, and, courtesy of that, no all to well what it is like to cop abuse from people to whom I was providing a service. There are times when you can shrug it off, as the verbiage of someone who is emotiinally unwell, and, there are times when it gets to you, because, at the end of the day, you are a human being. There are days when the glass is half full, days when it is half empty.
    When I opened this post, there were 94 comments, virtually all volunteering support, appreciation & respect, which is 100% deserved, Joe. I hope you take heart from all of them.
    As to trolls- they are little different to vandals- filled to the brim with bile & bitterness, faceless, usually anonymous, with the viewpoint that the world is there to serve as their psychological toilet, well balanced only in the fashion of bilateral chips on shoulders, essentially p*#sweak individuals, who stroke their own egos by attacking others, rather than achieve anything meaningful or worthwhile themselves.
    I really hope you take on board these comments, Joe- and, keep hold of them- to some degree, they can be used to firewall yourself against the morons.
    I can understand fully your desire to terminate comments, but wonder if it might be throwing the baby out with the bath water, for, yes, it stops the s*#t, and also the clay.
    Yours in respect & appreciation.
    Mark R

  72. And I thought “Oh boy, another post about your favorite F1 writer”. (Sarcasm font)

    Sorry that you have to deal with the troglodytes of the ‘net. Your last post about all the different teams and engine suppliers was phenomenal!
    Thank you again for a fantastic blog!

  73. I’m sure more of the silent majority will chime in, but please know most of us are very grateful for your insights and thankful for your blog!!

  74. Keep up the excellent work Joe.

    You are not the best. In reality, you are the only F1 true journalist.
    The other ones either do not work hard enough, do not know, do not dig, do not think, or do TV…

    (I work in F1 and read a lot about F1)


    1. That is kind, but there are others who do a great job too. I think specifically of someone like Michael Schmidt in Germany, who I think is exceptional. We all do different things and some of the F1 journalists do what they do very well.

      1. Yeah, I think there are a couple of really solid journalists in the paddock, I really like reading Schmidt’s articles (luckily I can read german too) and Joe and some others.

        Over time i have more or less filtered out those that rarely have something new and original to add, although sometimes its hard to know where a story really comes from.

      2. Then I trust your judgement Joe, I must admit that my limited abilities in German make it too difficult for me to appreciate his work.

  75. You’re doing a great work Joe. Thanks to your insights, I’ve discovered the personal and human elements of the sport. Take the Guy Ligier post for example – most only knew of him as the founder and team owner of the Ligier team and nothing else. The fact that he collaborated with political leaders and had an explosive temper was something no website mentioned.

    Your blog is a peep into a dimension of motor racing not often seen, and some posts are also a time machine into bygone eras of the sport. Keep up the good work, because you know a large section of people is being benefited in untold ways by your blogs.

  76. Great blog joe, keep it going. Your opinion is just that – your opinion. Just ban/delete rude comments. That’s what I’d do! Let us know when you’re next in Tokyo!

  77. I’ve been reading your blog for several years/seasons now and value it highly, together with the ‘privilege’ of being able to comment/post. We’ve (you’ve) been down this road several times in the past if I remember rightly and it’s a testament to your legendary patience & tolerance that the ‘few’ have not spoilt the enjoyment of the ‘many’ of us who respect the rules and caused you to press (permanently) the off switch for the comment. Huge thanks for what you’ve done and continue to do. The fact that it remains free is remarkable considering the amount of aggravation the ‘few’ continue to cause you.

    1. Thanks for those kind words and everyone else who has made similar comments. I will weed out the trolls ruthlessly…

  78. Joe,

    Just my additional $0.02 worth to the deserved praise already posted, and to add that the insight and intelligence you put into each of your postings leads to many worthwhile discussions in the comments, more so than other sites.

    I understand that the effort to keep the signal-to-noise ratio so high in the comments must be monumental. Have you thought about recruiting one or two of the regulars as deputy-moderators to keep your workload down?

    Anyway, thanks for all the good work you do, and drop me a line if you’re passing through Landes – lunch is on me!


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