2018 F1 calendar set to change

I am not into writing screaming headlines, saying “Exclusive”, as some publications do these days (even if their exclusives are old news, which all too often is the case). However, it seems wise to stick up a headline on this occasion as there seems to be no sign anywhere of any stories about the 2018 Formula 1 calendar being changed later this week.

The cynics will say that it is clickbait, and they are probably right, but I am bored in an airport lounge in Dubai – I’ve been here a long time – and so if you want to know more about what is going to happen I suggest you click through to my earlier blog. I know it has a lot of words and people these days want pictures and videos, but I seek to tell what is happening and I’m not overly bothered with flying hearts, likes and all the rest of it. Just old-fashioned news…

20 thoughts on “2018 F1 calendar set to change

  1. tbh, the reason why I read your blog is because of the longer posts. I remember reading L. J. K. Setright, I might have had to dive into a dictionary at times to understand what he was saying, but that is what made his writing special.

    It’s nice to read someone that knows how to write and I’m sure that how I write makes L. J. K. Setright roll in his grave.

  2. Greetings from Dubai, although I guess you’re probably hoping to leave soon!

    A very informative notebook as always, I wonder if Ferrari’s attitude to dealing with the media isn’t about to come back and bite them. A-B-C probably works better for Bahrain too, making the race a little earlier will make it a little cooler and with a little more chance of some rain in the desert.

    1. I left. Plane went technical. We flew back. Now having dinner in First Class Lounge. Life isn’t so bad. The foie gras was very good…

  3. Even though I can’t stand fake Irish pubs or Dubai, I often think I should have sampled the fake Irish pub in Dubai airport just to see how awful life can be.

    1. There’s a nice fake Irish pub in Dubai where one can play pool with Philipino ladies. Their pool skills really are second to none.

  4. Considering I’ve already booked my flight to Australia I’m glad to see that you’re predicting the date won’t change! It really is stupid to change the dates once something has been announced. Tough for poor plebs like me to rebook expensive flights!

  5. I just don’t think writing clickbait headlines is in your DNA as a real journalist, or you’d have written something like “2018 F1 calendar set to change. You won’t believe which venue is third!”

  6. Your notebook posts are an excellent compliment to GP+ and are something that I really look forward to.

    Don’t ever change!

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