Honda makes changes

Honda has restructured its Formula 1 programme with Yusuke Hasegawa being replaced at the end of the year. His role will now be split with Toyoharu Tanabe becoming F1 technical director, running operations at events. Tanabe is a long-time F1 engineer, having worked with McLaren in the early 1990s and then with BAR between 2003 and 2007. The company will also appoint an operating officer who will be in charge of research and development at Sakura in Japan. Hasegawa will remain as executive chief engineer.

11 thoughts on “Honda makes changes

  1. Joe, is there a Redbull hand somewhere in this move? sounds to me to be a very logical move to get someone with F1 experience lead the Honda project

    1. The F1 of 10 years ago is a far cry from today’s F1. Ad many others, I hope they can raise their game on all levels.

    2. I would imagine Tanabe worked under Osamu Goto back in the early 90’s. Around the same time Honda went from their dominant position to withdrawing because Renault raised the bar.

      As to his subsequent experience, I don’t remember much heralding of the Honda engine, or team in fact, during the 2000’s.

      I’ve said since the McLaren partnership was announced that the Honda story wouldn’t be a repeat of the original turbo era.

      1) That period in history had Honda supplying the two best teams of the 80’s: Williams and McLaren – driven by four world champions effectively. (I.e. Mansell won his title with Renault)

      2) Their collective input since has been frankly embarrassing. It appears that they hit the perfect storm between 1986-91.

  2. I’ve been saying it from the start, and having to eat my words, but I am sure that Honda will, in the end, get it right. Hasegawa has done much good this year after several disastrous false starts and I really do hope that Tanabe is the man to see the sun finally shine.
    Honda will have learned huge amounts from their F1 adventure, not simply technically which will obviously have been a considerable surprise to them but also the vital need to look outwards. Not something that comes easily to the Japanese psyche.

  3. Joe,
    Do you think could also be a very early prelude (forgive the pun), of putting a structure in place for Honda to buy Torro Rosso a year down the road?

    1. Hopefully their civic mindedness will allow them to strike an accord with the Red Bull people and become legends in due course.

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