Ferrari and its plans

Ferrari has been announcing some premium partnership deals in recent days, with Santander being joined by the block chain company Velas.

But don’t think that this is replacing Philip Morris International, which used to use Marlboro but in recent years has used the rather vague Mission Winnow concept.

Look on the Ferrari website and you will see that there is a big white space under the title ‘Sponsor’ and then there are two levels of partners, with the premium getting bigger logos. So the main sponsorship of Ferrari is up for grabs, or perhaps it is already decided and yet to be announced. This is the most likely thing as it is an opportunity that is worth its weight in gold to companies that can afford it.

Thus we can expect a sponsorship announcement, rather than another partnership deal… but while this will gather headlines it is more likely that Ferrari will be in the spotlight when it announces that former FIA President Jean Todt will return to Maranello is some sort of super-consultant role, which will involve both the racing team and the car company. Expect to see Jean appearing at races in 2022…

The FIA might have age limits but obviously Ferrari does not…

31 thoughts on “Ferrari and its plans

  1. Jean Todt is who Ferrari needs today. A cool headed, non-Italian, experienced guy with a deep inside knowledge of both Ferrari and Formula One. He has enjoyed success everywhere he went and monitored a very smooth transition between the Ecclestone/CVC gang and Liberty Media. Who else in motoracing today can claim an uninterrupted presence of 50 years ? Only Dave Richards comes close and, as I understand, he is very much behind Ben Sulayem’s election to succeed Todt…. “Plus ça change…”
    And by the way, Best Wishes to Monsieur Saward who writes the best blog there is about F1

  2. Todt invented the role of a modern team principal, improving on many of the practices pioneered by Ron Dennis and in the process creating a modern, focused organization out of the ruins left by a succession of short-time team principles and Fiat-appointed executives. (Remember team managers Fiorio? Lombardi? Chief Executive Fusaro?) Everything he touched eventually “worked,” and worked well. It’s the path since followed by Toto Wolf. Bravo to John Elkan, if Todt indeed returns in a new role.

  3. Joe
    Completely off-topic but – have you any idea what has happened to Gunnar Knupe.
    The very useful has not been updated since 18th April 2021.
    I thought that if anyone would know, you would.

  4. I hope Todt doesn’t do a Schumacher and hang about the Ferrari garage cheering on his particular favourite of the two drivers and snubbing the other.
    I rather think he won’t. He is much too astute a man, which is why he remains the last successful Ferrari TP.

    1. I agree. It still leaves a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach, for what Todt did to Rubens. Then, tried to play nicey nicey with him.

      1. It was Todt who instituted the whole ‘(re)build-the-team-around-Schumacher-and-ignore-the-other-driver’, wasn’t it? That and the fact that he (along with Mosley obviously) oversaw the whole era of Ferrari International Assistance means it’ll take a lot of convincing to assure me that he doesn’t have a similar scheme on his mind again!
        Of course being only a consultant (‘super’ or not) he can only offer advice – but then, that’s what they’ll be (presumably) paying him for, isn’t it?

  5. I was reading today that the city corporation tax levied on BioNtech has cleared the massive €1.3billion debts of Mainz council.

    Perhaps we could be looking at a Pfizer Ferrari deal

  6. Joe, a part of an article at states that many people believe one of the conditions that Mercedes demanded to drop its appeal for the Abu Dhabi race was that Jean Todt would be barred from joiining the Scuderia any time soon.

    Is this nonsense or could there be something to it?

      1. I 100% don’t believe that story, but…the head of the governing body then re-joining his previous team, leaves them open to allegations of conflict of interest, does it not?

          1. Well true, but it’s not setting the highest of bars is it? Was that not part of the reason that the Toto Woolf clause existed a couple of years ago? Does remind me somewhat of when Paul Dacre was talked of being the head of Ofcom.

  7. Todt’s success can be attributed to his benign management of Brawn, Byrne, Tombazis and most importantly one Michael Schumacher. Not to mention his skillfull deployment of the Ferrari FIA veto.

  8. With Ferrari ’employing’ him he wont be spilling the beans as to what really happened with their Illegal motor in 2019!

    1. Live in such a dream world if you like, but it might be wiser just to accept that they want him because the team is not doing very well amd he can help.

      1. You’re absolutely correct, But the political maneuvering in and around Ferrari for decades makes such speculation inevitable.

      2. Joe I think it is fair to say Ferrari want Jean Todt because what he does not have the talent to do himself he is very happy to go find it, nurture it and empower that talent to do the very best. Ferrari are more than aware no one in recent history of the team has done that as well. Question is who will be his Brawn and Byrne this time around?

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