Max and Red Bull close to a deal

There are reports in the Netherlands (from the very reliable De Telegraaf) that Max Verstappen has agreed to extend his deal with Red Bull Racing for a number of years.

The current deal runs until the end of 2023 but a new deal will mean that he will remain with the team for at least another four or five years. It seems that both parties have agreed terms for the new contract and it will presumably be announced once the paperwork has been completed and the contract lodged with F1’s Contract Recognition Board.

The word is that it could be worth more than $55 million a year, although it will likely include a element of bonuses that will take it well beyond that. Whether this will replace the existing deal or follow on from it remains to be seen. For the moment no-one involved is saying anything, but an announcement could happen within days.

This gives Red Bull a major asset as it plans for the future, whether that be with its own engines, or with a rumoured deal with Porsche from 2026 onwards. It is doubtful that a Porsche deal will have been concluded as yet as Porsche’s parent company VW is in the process of deciding whether to spin off the Porsche division to raise money to pay for its switch to electric cars.

10 thoughts on “Max and Red Bull close to a deal

  1. Hi joe, are driver salaries within the budget cap? Doesn’t seem likely as there’s little money left to build a car or pay staff.

  2. There should be a bonus there somewhere for papa Jos. He dedicated 15 years of his life to coaching, preparing, and training his child ready for world domination.
    We hear his tell-all bio will be ghost written by Joe..

  3. Toto destroyed the bridge in Silverstone, that did not go down well in the Verstappen camp.
    Ferrari doors are closed with Sainz and Leclerc and why would he want to move?
    Team and car are build around him plus he is an amazing RB asset to get the VW group over the line.
    It also helps that Max speaks fluent German and Jos has very decent connections including being the last Lemans winner in a Porsche.
    They are very confident in the future and I suppose for good reasons we are not aware of (yet).

    1. “It also helps that Max speaks fluent German and Jos has very decent connections including being the last Lemans winner in a Porsche.”

      Is that correct? I think Hulkenberg begs to differ on that one.

  4. Joe I heard today that Chelsea may sell to a Swiss consortium.
    Do I recollect that you mentioned finn rausing financial vehicle was Swiss? If that were true any chance a deal for alfa romeo to offload to andretti to allow them to buy Chelsea?
    Does rausing have an interest in football?

  5. Any indication that Verstappen has been given reassurance that an engine supply by a VW Group brand is where the future lies?
    Takes solid commitment to enlist for 6 more years at Red Bull without solid guarantees and of course a boat load of currency.

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